Trump Says He’s Building a Wall in Colorado (???)

Donald Trump had another one of these gung
show rallies yesterday and he told a lot of lies in the rally. That’s not really a survey surprise, but he also said something that’s
more than a lie or something that is more interesting than just a lie or truth. Either way, whether it’s true or not, it’s
idiotic. Donald Trump was in Pittsburgh. He was giving a speech about, I guess on paper
it was supposed to be about energy, but it’s Trump. So it goes off the rails as usual. And Donald Trump said that his administration
is already building a wall in New Mexico and in Colorado, uh, hear it from the horse’s
mouth himself. Take a listen. We’re building a wall on the border of New
Mexico and we’re building a wall in Colorado. We’re building a beautiful wall, a big one
that really works that you can’t get over. You can’t get under it. And we’re building a wall in Texas and we’re
not building a wall in Kansas, but they get the benefit of the walls that we just mentioned. He might end up needing to use a Sharpie to
modify a map, I guess, to put Colorado on the Mexican border. Now, if you look at a map, you might notice
that yes, New Mexico does share a little bit of a border with Mexico, but the state of
Colorado does not. So I don’t know if Trump is trying to keep
people in Colorado because of that legal weed or out of neighboring States. We may never really know, and of course people
at Trump’s rally, as you heard in that clip, were cheering when Donald Trump said he was
building walls in New Mexico and Colorado. Why are they cheering like are they just dumb? Do they want a wall around Colorado separating
Colorado from other States? What about Denver’s huge international airport
into which planes can just fly over the wall anyway, how does Donald Trump explain it? It was all a joke. Trump was making subtle jokes despite never
having shown evidence of the type of sense of humor that would allow a subtle joke to
be made. Donald Trump doing kiddingly. We’re building a wall in Colorado then stated
we’re not building a wall in Kansas, but they get the benefit of the wall we’re building
on the border referred to people in the very packed auditorium from Colorado and Kansas
getting the benefit of the border wall. Um, can I, what does this guy talking about
what an obviously ridiculous explanation. Now what’s more likely Trump was using the
type of subtle in detectable humor, which he’s never displayed evidence of being capable
of, or Trump just had no idea where walls were getting built. If anywhere, maybe not getting built is more
like it and has only a limited understanding of the geography of the United States. The evidence says that the ladder is actually
more likely the people of Colorado, by the way, are more or less sensible. Maybe they are the ones building a wall to
keep Trump out. Since Trump seems to think walls keep people
out, he might not realize if I want to go to Colorado, I can just fly into the airport
over the wall, the best explanation. Colorado borders New Mexico. And maybe Trump is thinking that Colorado
should have a wall on its Southern border with New Mexico for safety or something because
anything with the name Mexico in it clearly is very, very dangerous. Or something like that. America in 2019 this is a, it’s a sad place. This is a reality. Um, I, I is more analysis necessary or the
one question to you is, is there anything else that I’m not accounting for that maybe
Donald Trump meant when he said, we’re building a wall around Colorado. Let me know. Uh, leave a response. If you’re watching on YouTube, send me a tweet
at D Pacman.

100 thoughts on “Trump Says He’s Building a Wall in Colorado (???)

  1. What he meant to say was: that wall was the first leg of the US-part of connecting the Great Wall of China to your coastline…..

  2. Any President who doesn’t know all 50 states shouldn’t be anywhere near the Oval Office. This pretty much confirms for me that he isn’t in this role for the people of the USA, just for himself.

  3. How embarrassing is this guy to all of us , and the people that still support him are all retarded mongoloids , period.

  4. So, the walls they wanted to build doesn’t work so far, only the ones in Colorado work? South Park will have a field day with this!

  5. I built a wall in Colorado

    I built a wall in Colorado

    I built a wall in Colorado

    as my Xmas gift to Stormy.
    I built a wall in Colorado…

  6. Thank god someone realized that its NEW Mexico! They stole it from us! Not only that but he should extend the wall through Utah to protect us from the Florida of the West- Arizona.

  7. Must be tough being a Trump aid having to explain to him after that Colorado doesn't need a wall without either laughing n his face or just getting fired for pointing out the obvious….That he's an imbecile. 😂

  8. He does this crap to capture the news cycle and distract from boring yet important stories. Same with the lynching comment. I'm sure of it.

  9. I agree, David. It was the latter. He is not aware of US geography, knows that we know he isn’t, starts spewing the verbal hyperbole diarrhea, gets lost in his thoughts and then says something about (insert latest victim blaming incident here). In this particular case, he must have been coming down from his Adderall/Sudafed cocktail because he just looks stoned.

  10. Why not use the footage with his supporters behind him when he said this and they gave him a standing ovation?

    Also, please build a wall around CO, stop stealing all our weed, we don’t have enough for the whole nation.

    Jk, buy our weed, it’s good, and it helps build schools!

  11. Trump didn't say "around Colorado." he said "IN Colorado." So I am looking forward to visiting North Colorado and South Colorado! #51states

  12. He is such an idiot. Shouldn't that be the prequalification for being president?
    Knowing the constitution, at least knowing the 50 states and some geography, and knowing some important history.
    He will be in the history alright. For being the most stupidest, psychotic, delusional, crooked, and corrupt president of all time.

  13. When you are president of a country — you to actually know the country! Geez! He sounds like he is reading a Dr. Seuss book!

  14. Or, maybe David, Trump is just rambling incoherently random bullshit just to see what sticks to the wall with these sycophants. He once boasted that he loves the uneducated after all.

  15. Because New Mexico and Colorado are on the border with Mexico? Are the people at his rally cheering because they have never seen a map of the United States? Do any Trumpers do geography? Is Trump just dogwhistling racism?

  16. If MAGAts are anything like me,…God, I hope not!!! I didn’t do very well in Geography, or where I had to stare at a blank pop-quiz map with names of states and countries edited out. Even today, the small city I live in, portions of it aren’t known to me. BC, I haven’t got a sense of direction. Especially when indoors. I actually got an education in the South, up through my Jr year of HS. It was a fairly good education, considering the place I got it.

  17. Drumpf thinks Colorado borders Mexico. He has no idea. The man has no clue what hes doing besides scamming people dumber than him

  18. Notice how the applause continued on when he stated Colorado. And nobody was laughing.

    Not only was he being serious, they were being paid there.

    Like is building a wall in New Mexico, that worth of making a joke?

  19. we dont need a wall. we have the goddamn Rocky Mountains! these corrupt fools are destroying them and the water. trump would choke and die from the elevation here

  20. OMG ! trump quotes : " the kidneys has a special place in the heart " , " this is the wettest hurricane from a stand point of water"; " airports in the revolutionary war " ; " America has a great relationship with Italy , all the way to the Roman empire " ; " a wall in Colorado " , seriously, how he can't be more stupid ?

  21. Many people say he is building a big, beautiful, tremendous wall around Yorkshire to keep the Mexicans out of Nambia! People tell me we will never have seen a wall like it! Probably. Believe me… Gawd blesh de unided shates uv murka.

  22. He fucking thinks Colorado is on the border, and yes these stupid fucks in the crowd loved it. I dare him to go to CO and see how many dumb shits attend his rally, that fragile pussy.

  23. You know. I don't believe in the Mandela Effect. But I am seriously starting to feel like that in 2016 we split from our normal reality and entered a new, split parallel dimension that we are all stuck in now. We know it's true, but there is nothing we can do about it. We're stuck and our other Parallel Universe is carrying on like normal.

  24. Listen to all the idiots clapping for this dumbass 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.

  25. The words Colorado and Arizona have a simiar structure? Maybe he confused the two? Not that he would ever admit to that of course. He would gladly build an additional wall around Colorado just to hide the fact that he was trying to say Arizona.

  26. He probably thinks NEW MEXICO is part of Mexico…which is why it makes sense to build a Wall between Colorado & (New) Mexico.

  27. 0:34 He just said they're building a wall in Colorado, not around it. The wall in Colorado is actually along the route to the top of Pike's Peak. It provides protection from avalanches and lost Mexican migrants.

  28. Remember when Fox talked about "Trump cuts US aid to 3 Mexican countries"? Mexico is like a trigger word for republicans, like taxes, guns, freedom and jobs. It's just that Mexico didn't stick (because it was really, really dumb). But Trump doesn't know that.

  29. They clapped an idiotic statement en mass because clap at Anything he says….'Confirmation Bias' remember….they've drunk the cool-aid:(

  30. My guess: he was trying for California and 'missed'.

    He never corrects himself; we know that. He threw in Kansas so he could throw in this BS story later. He really thinks it covers for him.


    Research into neural connectionism in neuro-cognitive linguistics shows when we think of a words, related words are activated (simplified). So state beginning with 'hard 'c'/ 'k' sound' activates California, Colorado… & Kansas (among others). The next step from that is 'states with a border to Mexico' & there is only one. We can all 'lose the word' sometimes (e.g. a tip-of-the-tongue state where we know the meaning and usually the first letter / sometimes a syllable, but we can't get the actual word) – but when we are standing in front of – the world, essentially – we P R E P A R E & don't fuck up facts we are supposed to know. And if we said something monumentally stupid we catch ourselves, give some dumb excuse – "Obviously I mean Colorado & Kansas, and every other state benefits indirectly." (* EYE ROLL *) And clarify what we mean at that moment.

    I don't actually think he's this stupid; I think there's a lot of evidence to suggest he could be having mini stokes (TIAs) in his left hemisphere – where the language center of the brain is – that could maybe account for some of this. TIAs can also go along with dementia. I'm not a doctor; this is just an observation based on some of that stuff ^ I do know a little about. There are many other factors that would be assessed.

    However he has all the risk factors displayed in front of us every day. He doesn't even hide his diet. That health issue should be something that can't be kept a secret, in my personal opinion because it could potentially affect his judgment. Jeez, his wrong word could potentially spark multiple crises.

    The next (or just alternative) option is the fact he appears completely lacking in empathy. Potentially, empathy and its relationship with 'theory of mind' (the ability to imagine yourself in another person's situation) could explain a lot of his fuck ups. If he is so narcissistic and lacking in empathy that he genuinely doesn't/ can't consider how other people perceive him; or thinks they believe everything he says, he can sort of create his own reality in the way he seems to.

    I sometimes think it's inconceivable to him that someone else could possibly think differently than he does. He has the same egocentric view of the world as a toddler who covers his eyes and says, "you can't see me."

    My bet's on a combination of all that – and more.

  31. Trump; first US president to lack basic, Elementary School-level knowledge in simple US geography; the location of all fifty states.

  32. He could have just made a simple gaffe, but the Lord and Saviour Jesus H. Trump cannot make a mistake, so he doesn't make any attempt at correcting himself. He'll be asked about it and will then proceed to double down by making things up to justify his gaffe.

  33. When I lived in New Mexico my mother tried to send a letter. The lady at the post office said we can't send out of the country. There are people who have no clue out there an our education system has failed bigly.

  34. David the lighting in this video is awesome, I'm not sure exactly why, but it's perfect. Look at your eyes shining green in the darkness. Look at ur hair shining slightly golden. Were u sitting in front of a sunset or something lol. Or maybe it's just the natural light of dusk? idk but it looks great

  35. "building a wall in Colorado"… I was gonna give him the benefit of the doubt, a big benefit, and assume he meant they were processing the materials in Colorado and shipping them to the border. But then I said to myself, "No, silly, he's being serious"

  36. Fuck that white racist fat fuck fuck all white people white people are so fucking stupid if they know their history white people ain't from around here LOL

  37. Trump is stealing ideas from Boris Johnson by splitting off part of the union. You guys just don't have a sea, so you need a wall.

  38. Did you ditch the studio David? I live here in Colorado. Can’t wait to see this wall go up. Btw. If the wall is 80% of your shtick, maybe learn some geography.

  39. New Mexico is not sending their best people, they send drugs, traffickers, murders, rapist, and i assume some are good people, that is why we are building a wall in colorado, we do not need any "new Mexicans" from new Mexico.

  40. How any1 can claim, that this man is intelligent…. I guess, it says a lot about the avg. IQ of Americans, that 37-43% approve/applaud/cheer/worship this disgusting collection of all of the worst human traits, stupidity being first on the very long list.

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