29 thoughts on “Trump Says We’re Building A Wall In Colorado (Which Is Not A Border State) | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Trump might get crazy with a marker again.. he’ll use his sharpie to cross out the “fake” amendments of the constitution.

  2. Surely The President of the United States of America wouldn't grab a marker and draw circles and lines around a state on the map of the United States though, on live TV.

  3. The useless White House Press Office, comprised of "radical, un-elected group of bureaucrats", will say that their Fool-in-Chief was "just joking." We've heard it all before–we just get more re-runs now. Cancel this nightmare of a reality show.

  4. It could happen .. With Donald Trump in office, yes, stupid can happen, stupid has already happened. No stupid is new under the Trump Administration!

  5. It would be a lot cheaper and solve most of the nations problems if we just built a wall around the White House and entomb it like the Russians did at Chernobyl .

  6. Build a wall where in Colorado?  Maybe we should stick Trump in Mar-a-Lago, build a wall around it, and then leave Trump there.  That way Trump can't do anymore harm to America.

  7. Clearly Trump saw a map before going on stage and thought… Those dirty mexican's have already taken one of our states and renamed it.

  8. Oh Lord he is so pitiful dumber than the average bear I believe the bear got more sense than he do he just need to get out of there

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