TUTO PONT ➖ ÉVITE LES BALLES à la MATRIX (ft. Elio Avila Munoz)

Do you have it ? Hello everyone! I discovered a super nice Youtuber, His name is “Eric Flag”, go check his Youtube channel Subscribe ! Did you tag me in the story ? Haaaa ! Motherfucker ! It is trapped chalk ! Did you expect that ? Eric Shlag ? Hello ! Well, for the story, when he saw that he could not get me.. He finally became discouraged, he put his weapons down and he left Well, I would like to take this opportunity to make a tutorial in which you will learn, step by step, First of all to do a “bridge” or “back bridge” All the way to Stand to Stand bridges Which is really cool ! And which will teach you how to dodge, such as in “Matrix”. Here is the structure of the tutorial. If you’re looking for a specific step I put the time markers below, in the description. At first, why do bridges ? Contrary to obvious and mainstream muscles that push ups, pull ups and squats train The “bridge” will strenghten less visible but so important muscles Those of your spine Well, there are not as impressive to show to your friends as your chest and your arms But believe me ! They might be more useful for your living, your health and sport performances overall See, your brain controls your whole body by sending signals which move down through your spinal cord (within the spine) But if your spinal cord is damaged Your brain, even if he is in perfect health, won’t be able to control specific parts of your body Because the signal won’t run The higher you damage it The more you will reduce parts of your body that your brain can control Which explains that you can become paralyzed under a certain level when you damage your spine. “Well, tell me Eric Flag, how do I protect my spine ?” Hehe budy ! That’s a good question ! Indeed it seems important ! Training bridge will, principaly, strenghten the erector spinae muscles Which are used as a first shield for your spine in case of an accident. But they are also used for standing up, pivot on one self… etc. The stronger they are, the better you will become in, roughly, every activities or sport. Training regularly the bridge will bring you others substantial benefits Such as improving your posture or reduce pain in the lower back Then yes ! Breathing, drinking, eating and sleeping, are necessary to live But protecting your spine is fundamental ! Besides of your muscles around your spine Your arms, your shoulders and your legs will be solicited during bridges In parallel, you will stretch a large part of your front body In particular, knees, quadriceps, hip flexors, abs and chest. Great complementary exercises to bridge that I recommend would be those who symmetrically stretch and strengthen the same muscles. To do this, you can simply fold in the opposite way Practising “L-Sit” or leg raises while sitting. In Street Workout, improving the bridge will be useful for other moves. Better straighter Handstand,
by working on opening up the shoulders. And it will help you to get a “Hollowback Handstand” for obvious reasons. It will also reinforce your quadriceps and helps your achieve “Sissy Squats” It will also be usefull to show your insane abilities when friends will challenge you at “Limbo”. For the prerequisites ! First of all, the two main problems that could prevent you performing the bridge, apart from strength, are causes by your flexibility. In particular if you hip flexors are not flexible. It will prevent you from making a perfect bridge. Likewise, the lack of flexibility of your lats and triceps can prevent you from making a good extension. If you have one of these problems, I would advise you to work, primarily, on those weak points before, or while training the bridge. You can find lots of videos on this subject ! Making the bridge is very demanding for wrists and shoulders. The more flexible and mobile they are, the better it is. I do recommend you to feel comfortable with wall handstand, to see if your shoulders are strong enough and to be used to have the head upside down. If you wan’t to go further and diversify the training of the bridge, You can try the Yoga version of the “Hollowback Handstand”, which seems like this. You can make it harder by pulling away the wall You can also gradually get your back used by training on the ground, with the “Cobra stance”. Don’t forget to warm up ! Warm up your shoulders With arms rotations, using a band Or with “scapula push ups” Warm up your wrists with stretching You can also make bridges in descent back to the wall. Or some repetitions of a progression that you master already ! Well, as we are good, let’s move to the progression itself ! First step – Half bridge ! With the legs in line with your shoulders, or less. Hands on the belly, push on your legs to get a straight line or convex from the knees toward the shoulders. I would, first, advise you to aim 3 sets of 45 seconds, with perf-ect form ! Before moving on to the next step. Step 2 – Raised hands bridge You can do it on a bench or on your bed. A more or less height will make the exercise more or less difficult. Put your hands close to your head, in line with your shoulders or more. Then push on your legs and your arms, the more you can. For this step, your goal is 3 sets of 30 seconds Step 3 – Head and hands bridge Here you will do again the posture of the previous step. But on the ground and you will push, just enough, to lie your head on the ground. From this step, it becomes interesting to make repetitions Try to push as high as possible. Before moving down to your head. It counts for one repetition. I do recommend to reach 2 sets of 15 repetitions before moving on to the next step. Step 4 – Bridge Same move but here you push directly from the ground without resting on the head. The goal is to get your hips as high as you can… and to extend your arms and your legs to the maximum. Don’t panic if you do not succeed to extend them at the beginning, this is usual. It will be easier with time and training. Beware ! Keep in mind that when you are in the bridge stance… Even if it is unpleasant, carry on breathing normally. You can work keeping it on the lenght time. 3 sets of 30 seconds is already great. But, again, I do recommend to work it on repetitions where you will have to lie on the ground between each repetition. A great goal to set, before moving on to the next step, would be 2 sets of 10 repetitions. Step 5 – Wall descent bridge Stand up toward the wall (in your back) to a one arm distance. Then, lean back to put your hands on the wall and go down slowly. When you take a step with your hand, the larger is it, the harder it becomes. You can also move your feet backward, little by little, if you need. Once you are at the bottom, I would advise you to lie down, then raise to hold a series of repetitions. Your goal is to reach 2 sets of 8 repetitions before moving on to the next step. Step 6 – Descent and Raise with the wall You have guessed, this is the same exercise as before. Except that you will raise you up, with the wall, once you are at the bottom. Once you reach 2 sets of 6 repetitions, I think you are ready for what comes next. Step 7 – Descent bridge without wall Well…. It becomes interesting but also scaring. To perform this move. Stand up with a wide distance behind you. Start by pushing your hips forward Before bending your knees and curving your spine. To keep your weight onward and ensure balance You can keep your hands on your hips until you can see the ground behind you. And so you will fastly bring back your hands so as to be prepared to hit the ground (not banging your head) This is better on the grass, something soft or a pillow not to hurt yourself when reaching the ground. And be careful when you lay your hands so that they do not slip Of course, you will be nervous during the first tries… But don’t worry, there are ways to reduce fear and assist you. You can keep the wall at a distance that will allow you to catch up if there is anything wrong. You can ask someone tu put his hands under your back to support you Or go down on something elevated, such as stairs, to make it easier. At the beginning you will certainly fall on your hands. But over time, a great goal is to succeed controlling the descent in order to lay softly on your hands. Once you can hold a series of 4-5 repetitions, that are controlled. I think you’re ready for step 8. Step 8 – Stand to Stand bridge Honestly, once you know how to go down, you are mor than halfway ! Because this is not the most difficult part Once you went down, extend your arms, bend your legs and move forward to forge ahead your centre of mass. If you are sufficiently flexible and strong, your hands will detach easily from the ground, and you will be able to raise without troubles. At the beginning, it wont be that easy… So, what you can do is to push yourself with your hands In order to move forward wth more dynamism. You can spread your legs and turn your feet outwards to more easiness and to be more stable. The final goal is to succeed doing this with feet in line with shoulders and without any impetus. From here, I would advise you to work until 2 sets of 2-3 repetitions. Make sure that you master it, and that you do not lose it ! To go further, you can make larger sets but also elevate your feet so that you go lower. Which is quite a good challenge ! You can also ballast your bridge with a weigthed vest for example if you want to test your limits. Be proud of what you have accomplished and use it, if you want, to show off at the pool ! Well…. This is not the appropriate season for swimming…. Let’s move quickly to the last part on volume and frequency. If you already train frequently, I would advise to train the bridge at the end of your trainings, 2 to 4 sessions each week. That is when you will do the 3 sets of your current progression when you will, either hold out the longest or doing the most repetitions. You can also train with more volume and less frequency such as training your bridge once or twice a week. With a goal of 6-8 total sets Do as you want according to feelings and goals ! Such as for stretching or training, you will have to be consistent (regular) if you want results. That means that this is not by training twice a month that the progression will be fast. Here comes the end ! I hope you enjoyed it And that it gave you desir for bridges…. ….especially if you have never thought about it before ! I am plaining other tutorials such as this one on my channel. And I don’t want to do half the job ! Aiming at giving added value to what is already on Youtube ! But it takes time, so be patient ! Your support on my channel is important… And if you want to express it, use the appropriate buttons ! Or leave a comment in the description 😀 Special thanks to Choubatuck & Mathias for their support on this video. Go check their channel ! Thanks to you, and see you soon in a new video !

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