Using Interior Design to Improve Property Yields

interior design ideas for small spaces?
Well that’s what we’re going to be talking about today also how you can
improve your rental yield by making some fantastic interior design changes. hi everyone I’m Ugo Arinzeh from Onyx Property Consultants powered by Keller
Williams I’m so excited because I get to show off our latest interior design
project which a lot of people know is absolutely what I love to do what’s
exciting about this project is it was actually originally a studio flat that
we converted into a one-bedroom so I just want you to get a sense of the
interior design and lovely sofa, the complementary light stands and side
tables that we did and then you can see we’ve got a wall of storage here and
then this was a part-petition that we were able to fully extend to make the
one bedroom. Why? Because when we looked at the yields it actually
turned out that the yield on a one-bedroom was going to be better than
a studio. So from an investment perspective and from an advisory
perspective it’s what me and my client decided what was best to do. What is also nice is you’ve got this dining little vignettes space here which you
could pull those chairs into your living space for conversation but you’ve got
plenty of space for eating as well and then further down you’ve got the kitchen
space. So follow me and I’ll show you the bedroom as well and I really love how
that turned out so we have bedroom what’s so nice is,
because we have the dramatic ceiling height we played on that with the
headboard and one of the things actually we found out is when we finished that
wall off it did get a little bit darker so we were actually able to add some
recessed lights or pot lights as they call it into the space as well as this
added lighting which can be adjusted as needed.
I love the way the bedding turned out as well. One of the other things I’ll point
out is that, instead of just merely matching nightstands, which a lot of
people would have thought to do because we didn’t have food storage inside the
bedroom we’ve got the wall of storage out there, we actually picked a dresser
item which is a fantastic place to get extra storage and instead of matching
that exactly because it has this beautiful brass
detail on it we found a complementary nightstand then
again it’s got some shelving and gives you great options in terms of storage
but really creates, I think, some great interest we’ve got combinations of silver
and brass, some filigree pattern into this wonderful mirror as well so
different ways I like to play with textures and different combinations to
create interest in an otherwise fairly neutral space you’ve got the beautiful
ensuite in here as well in, again, that dark, heavy, brown marble is balanced with
the bright light fixtures and I think that turned out great.
You’ve got the separate shower as well as deep tub and you’ll see in the
pictures as well. So a really exciting project for me and
one thing I really love to get the opportunity, not just to consult my
clients, but also bring a level of interior design and thought into
everything that we do to make sure that we’re getting the best results for our
clients so if you want to know more about buying, selling, renting, managing or
even some interior design then please do get in touch that’s Ugo Arinzeh with
Onix property consultants powered by Keller Williams, bye for now.

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  1. I love improving my client's home. What a great job you did on this interior!

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