Vocal Coach Reacts to Sohyang singing Bridge Over Troubled Water

Hello! Welcome to Beth Roars! I’m Beth and today I am going to be doing a vocal coach reacts to Sohyang singing Bridge Over Troubled Water Before we start, you can find me on facebook, twitter and Instagram. My handle is @bethroars Also please do check out my website www.bethroars.com where you can find in-depth singing technique blogs and you can also book a singing lesson from me I do lessons in London and online so if you live across the seas, it doesn’t really matter This has been requested a lot I watched a tiny little clip. I think it’s going to be good! Lets have a listen Wow, people love her Getting in the zone I love this really thin fold place she is in Really light, really breathy, very clear If she stays here and pushes into that it’s just not going to work. She’s not going to get any volume I can hear already on that lower note that she is starting to get a little more cord closure So that she can lean into it and make it a big sound Beautiful. Light I actually quite liked how she used her mouth there to bring the sound down, she is keeping everything quite open, in this quite light place. I don’t know if it needs to be She’s in a really light head voice sound, if she leans into it, it is just going to get super breathy. The fold will come apart. She is going to get **SINGS** We don’t want that. So, she wants more cord closure **SINGS** and that is going to put her into a place where she can belt. I think she knows to do this I think she will do it perfectly fine Straight away It’s quite Lauren Hill She has a really open space You could see where her tongue was on ‘evening’ **SINGS** Really far forward which is allowing that fuller tone **SINGS** Space. ‘ah” What is this? I mean she is around Es and Fs and she is using all that space low larynx, tongue forward, to get these high notes Now, she is thinning it out a little bit but it really is as belty and chest voicey as you can be in that place So that was full head voice Wow! She is giving herself a bit of a break in some ways it sounds very impressive but sometimes you just need to go full thin fold head voice, to give yourself a break in these **SINGS** Oh! I love that! **SINGS** She started from a closed mouth space to make it feel like tension and emotion **SINGS** with a scoop **SINGS** with these little falling scoops That was a proper mix that one Wow That was really good. The first G was a little more chest voice. As she got later on she thinned out the folds and made it a little more head voice/mix which gave her that stability to keep going there again and again flipping into head voice, then back into a full chest voice It allowed that agility through the registers She has a really open mouth and she had lovely vibrato on it **SINGS** For me, I have a smaller mouth. I need a little more closed mouth. Try it, but make sure if you are trying this song. That you are not pushing up that chest voice You actually want a super resonant mix So go for a head voice and try and find the resonance within it. A way that really helps me Is going to a crying baby sound Sounds horrible. If you can do that sound, you can do that belty mix. You find that feeling and put it back into the nicer sounding ‘ah’ and hopefully then you’ll be able to find your mix and it does take a lot of work and time and really getting to know your voice, so make sure you are spending a lot of time with it If it hurts, if it is pushed in any way you must stop. These are hard things so I do recommend going to a good voice tutor. To take you through how to mix healthily and get these big notes Thank you for watching! I hope you enjoyed. If you did please do like and subscribe. You can find me on facebook, twitter and instagram My handle is @bethroars Also do check out my website www.bethroars.com where you can find in-depth singing technique blogs and you can also book a singing lesson from me I do lessons in London and online so if you live across the seas, that is not a problem Alright. I’ll see you in the next one. Bye!

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  1. Are you going to Dimash's concert in London? He will have solo concert on November 19th in London. Tickets are available from https://www.axs.com/events/363718/dim...

  2. New subscriber! Love your reaction and analysis! Pls pls pls react to more Sohyang!!

    You Raise Me Up
    I Have Nothing
    Lean On Me
    Hug Me (recent performance her sitting down)

    Just a few to start 🙂 make sure to watch the performance vids from Immortal Songs or I Am a Singer rather than fan recorded vids!

  3. I really love Sohyang. Hope you can react more. I also hope you could react (or simply watch) to Kim Jin Ho's Saldaga where he is paying tribute to his late band leader who committed suicide. They inserted the late band member's singing clip in his performance. What is so special? He went off radar after the death of his band leader two years prior to this performance. He drowned himself in music to fight off his sadness. He wrote and composes alot of songs (I believe 120) and he gave free performances at univ and hospitals mainly on the streets. This is his first live performances on stage and it is to pay tribute to his band member. His other super moving performance is Family Portrait. I prefer the live version over the animated one. It is about him looking at his family portrait and realising that he is a young adult now, and his mum looks so young in the portrait. He sees that his mum has alot of wrinkles now, and she has sacrifice so much for him. He wished his late father is with him now, and he remembered his late father jokingly said that if he is away, pls leave his shoes outside the door so as to deter thieves from targeting the house.

  4. More SoHyang please, and you will have many opportunities to talk about Vocal techniques. Some times her sing feels like music major lectures…! Next up her new rendition of "You Raise me up", SoHyang is a cancer survivor, due her weak health she's always fight with pneumonia, heard she was really sick then she sang the "You Raise me up"..

  5. To be a vocal coach, does one have to be pretty? 🙂 Thank you for your analysis of the signature performance by Sohyang, my fave. So many amazing performances are waiting for you and I'd like you to analyze them all. Now I'm your loyal subscriber and I will watch your videos about Sohyang as soon as they are posted.

  6. thanks Beth she has many videos arirang alone she sings in korean with eng subs she is the QUEEN of south korea many of her other songs are better then the one you just listened too

  7. Wow~ This is really amazing, incredible and beautiful ! Speechless…
    Surely, she must be the best singer in this world as far as I know.
    I want to know her performance more… Thanks for your good reaction.

  8. hi can you react to ms regine velasquez singing go the distance. shes the queen in the phils singers. idol of all idol

  9. You have no idea how powerful So Hyang is. Go see her do Whitney Houston's – I have Nothing. She took it to heights even beyond the original. https://youtu.be/-G388dTAGOo

  10. More Sohyang please!!! You Raise Me Up with Filan from Westlife praising it and Everyone then few dozens of her masterpiece here: https://sites.google.com/site/sohyangliveperformancelist/

  11. You are and will be a good teacher. Thanks for reacting to a singer I'm mad at. One thumb up. I'll be counted as your subscribers if you react more to her.

  12. Yessss Thank You For Reacting SOHYANG the best. More Sohyang Please….. I recommend
    -You Raise Me Up
    -Lean On Me
    -Arirang Alone
    -Mona Lisa (available at vimeo)

  13. You should do a side by side comparison between Sohyang and Morissette Amon to see who is better, Don’t get me wrong Sohyang is very good too.

  14. Thanks your reaction.
    plz. React "dream" by DMC version. The song is own song and uniq, hardcore.
    Plz. React "len on me" too.
    And Sohyang said "very very and most hardes performance is "everyone"in my life." plz react too.
    And react "I have norting". DCM version. This song was sung at the same time with "dream".
    Thanks for your professional analysis always. :D.

  15. Over the years i have heard many sing this song but no one and I mean no one has ever sung it as So Hyang just did. it is phenomenal, spectacular, and amazing

  16. Plz react to Ha Hyun Woo he is one of the best male vocal in Korea
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mG8AbWhlklA (Home)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x98m3GwFTXY (Mona Lisa)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TkOhKTEBcdY (Memories of a shot)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zPDcyvDaUPQ (Waiting for you everyday)

  17. Please please PLEASE react to So Hyang's Mona Lisa!
    Here's the link! https://vimeo.com/297885714
    No one walked out with weaves intact

  18. Jackie Evancho singing Bridge over Troubled Water at the age of 12 years old. Must reaction! Unlike many pop singers who belt to hit hi notes, Jackie doesn't belt at all nor does she need to as a classical singer. She can produce the most clear notes with her bell tone like sound. She is an amazing singer for someone so young.

  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sjc5WTUI3aM you have to react on this Dimash how could human can produce a dog whistle voice?

  20. Hi, love the videos. We are new supporters, have liked, subscribed and activated the ''bell'.
    Grateful for the same.


  21. Please reaction Park Hyo Shin " Wild Flower " live performance. Korean people called him God's voice.

  22. Really good? Step up your praise for the best singer/vocalist in the world. It's not even close. Your instructions are good for artists who need to improve. You are good but talk too much during for my tastes. Know your stuff but let her sing!

  23. Please react to 'BTS (방탄소년단) being shook by So Hyang (소향) for 3 minutes straight'! So happy to see my Queen being appreciated by BTS 🙂
    Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3mIkie_-ZjI

  24. Please do react to Everyone by Sohyang. Only one coach has dared to react to it CUS IT HAVE SO MUCH THINGS GOING ON VOCALLY. That's the masterpiece out of all Sohyang's masterpiece; her hardest vocals attempts 🙂 please do react to Everyone. It's here in Youtube. Everyone's a gospel song and Sohyang's a gospel singer (by nature) so it's a guarantee that she'll come to snatch hearts.

  25. Well, from a lay person's point of view like me, she's a wow but from a vocal coach, there's a few mistakes but that's understandable coz she's still SOHYANG…get it?…SOHYANG…😂😂😂LOL…BUT for me, without the cancer issues, she's admirable, kudos to her!, I salute…wishing all the best!😁

  26. Singer So-hyang told us about this year's meaningful activities and what he learned and felt through them.

    The main character of the year-end closing [Goodbye 2018!] is Sohyang. Sohyang expressed its good influence in various places, just like a grass called "Hyang" to enjoy the ox on the day of light this year. At the opening ceremony of the Winter Paralympics in Pyeongchang early this year, she performed a duet with Soprano Jo Su-mi, and recently invited producer David Foster to perform in Japan, giving her a wider voice.

    Through these fun and amazing things, Sohyang turned to the keyword "changeover" this year. It was the beginning of last year when he won six consecutive victories wearing a mask from Heungbujabu's house on MBC's "The Mask King." Something new happened when So-hyang thinks he doesn't have to go any further, and the unexpected challenge led to a change in his mindset of dreaming and starting over.

    "I got pneumonia just before I started the mask dance, so I lost confidence because I couldn't make the sound the way I wanted. On a trip to New York that was left alone at the time, he discovered the phrase "the greatest fear is fear," which was accidentally caught in a construction site." If I didn't do anything right now, I thought I would really regret this later. As soon as I came to Korea, I decided to sing at the place where he visited me first, and the opportunity was 'The Mask King.' I'm going to erase my obsession with perfection and keep trying to say that sometimes things don't work out."

    Among this year's major challenges, there are significant stages. Sohyang completed a collaboration with great masters Jo Su-mi and David Foster. One of the driving forces is responsibility. Thanks to him, he was able to fully demonstrate his ability. It is rumored that the voice of the heavenly beings was heard around the world and that David Foster told him to perform together as soon as soon as possible.

    "I was so thankful that I got the offer from my respected teacher, Jo Su-mi, and I prepared a song that I did my best to go to the opening ceremony of the Pyeongchang Paralympics. It's thanks to my teacher, Jo Su-mi. Many other people feel more responsible than pride on the big stage. I have to fulfill my responsibilities so I can give credit to those who came to me."

    "A few years ago, David Foster was a legend that you could only look at from a distance. It was a long-cherished dream when he listened to my song on YouTube and invited me to a concert in Japan. She also accepted the request that I boldly want to sing a song that gives me hope in a good language. It was a tough schedule to perform twice a day for four days, but it was amazing to sing in front of music directors Beyonce and Ariana Grande and Brian McKnight."

    Another important activity can be identified by the sound source. Sohyang released his first single in two years in May, and sang OST in all three terrestrial TV dramas such as 'Time', 'One-in-One's Myth', 'Saengmi' and 'A Promise of God.' Sohyang, who claimed to be a "Due to the Love of the Drama," said that he learned something through OST The 19th year of Sohyang is still looking for more learning.

    "You have to know all about the contents of the drama and the emotions of the main character in order to sing the song. Just as much as I do on stage, I focus on OST's feelings and think about it. When I recorded OST, I shed tears. I learned how to adjust my voice or voice to fit the drama. I think it's a training and an opportunity to thank my songs for making them feel more comfortable."

    Sohyang, which is making this year happy, wanted freedom as the keyword of 2019. As we have filled this year's activities with things we didn't plan to do, we are planning to have a comfortable and fun time next year. In particular, the biggest goal has been to enjoy more on stage and deliver comfort to audiences and risner through robust neck management. What about next year that So-hyang wants to see?

    "Don't you think saving your body more will bring good things like fate? Sometimes it's frustrating not to talk much or laugh out loud, but I work out hard and write good essays and novels to make sound the way I want. There's a song that I've wanted to complete before. Next year, I want to sing songs that contain my thoughts, my confession and my life."

  27. I watch the full show of when she did this performance. All of the other contestants. After she finished this song they showed her backstage. She said….. Oh my gosh I'm exhausted. In Korean of course. A guy backstage that are you okay? And she said yes I'm just exhausted. Lol
    I would think anybody would be.

  28. It is very refreshing to watch such kind of reaction videos from someone professional like her not just usual reaction videos getting astonished and amazed by Sohyang's performance… I mean I am also a fan of Sohyang but plain reaction videos just bores me out. Yes I know Sohyang is so good that she must not join any singing competition like that cuz people knows how overqualified she is already and everyone in South Korea knows that for a fact but this vocal instructor here just showed me that no matter how perfect somebody could be she can still have some minor flaws yet barely noticeable ones. Thanks for this reaction/vocal coaching videos, Beth. This is totally appreciated as I am a singer myself and had voice, piano, hard, flute and violin lessons as a kid. 🤩👍🏻👍🏻

  29. try to react to francis atlagbin he is also a 10 yrs old boy who nailed that song perfectly.

  30. Always thank you for your lovely reaction. Your voice sounds so sweet & beautiful. I will miss you and your reaction. Have a nice day.

  31. Please reaction this!! Super handsome!! Chinese 12 years old boy band: oh my god😱😱😱😱😱

  32. Beth, you are one of the first voice teachers I would come to. You do know that singers like So Hyang and Dimash have brought them out of the woodworks, but you are still at the top of my lists.

  33. I am heading to YouTube again today. The song of my soHyang's always makes me happy. I haven't had a break for four hours today. I'm also happy to find your YouTube.

  34. I am over since more than 30 years in music business, but So Hyang is the best singer. So nice, down to to earth and so natural. An angel!!!!

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