voestalpine Metsec Metframe System

Metframe is pre-panelised lightweight steel structure designed to meet the demands of the modern construction environment. Built off-site, this fast build system offers
excellent acoustic, fire and thermal performance. Metframe is fully BIM compliant and carries an ETA certificate as a sign of quality. Metsec manufacture the cold rolled sections in precise lengths and the panels are assembled off-site by approved Metframe installers. External wall panels are pre-clad with either cement particle board or rigid insulation, which can include brick tie channels, to ensure a weather tight envelope is achieved quickly. Panels are delivered to site in the required
erection sequence. Once the panels are on site they are craned into position, fixed down and bolted together. Further panels are quickly fixed into position, according to the design, forming the structural walls of the building. Wall panels incorporate cross bracing in order to provide overall stability to the structure, removing the need for hot rolled steel or
concrete. Stairs and lift shafts are an integral part
of the Metframe system, they are installed as each floor is constructed. These take away the need to rely on external
scaffold for access to upper levels, providing convenience and added speed to the erection sequence. Plasterboard packs and bathroom pods are craned into position floor by floor as the building is erected. Composite metal decking is installed and fitted to the Zed ledger incorporated at the head of the wall panels. Rebar and crack control mesh is installed to meet the buildings specific fire and robustness requirements. Concrete is pumped into place to form a floor offering high fire and acoustic performance. This process is repeated and subsequent floors are typically constructed at a rate of 1-2 weeks Certain follow on trades, for example window
installation, can start as soon as work progresses to new floors above. The flexibility of the Metframe system allows a wide variety of external finishes to be used which offer high thermal performance. In summary, a Metframe building offers the following key benefits: Each building is BIM compliant Quality and accuracy leads to material, time and cost savings Zero waste reduces environmental impact CE marked up to execution class 4 Each building carries a European Technical Assessment and is accredited by the NHBC Fast speed of build through offsite construction High performance in terms of thermal, acoustic and fire protection To see how Metframe can work for you, visit us at www.metsec.com.

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