Want to know The Bridge Korean Actor? (Face open) | Social experiment

Minho : Hello. This is “pranky friends’ Minho : He is famous actor for The bridge social experiment Minho : Also, Famous for very handsom guy in the video . Geong-Guk :Hello. I’m the actor (member of pranky friends) at the bridge social experiment in korea Geong-Guk : My name is Seo-Geong-Guk Geong-Guk : 24 years old
Minho : Where is your girl friend? lol Minho : Foreign people Said that they have a crush on you. what do you think? Geong-Guk : Thank you for attention lol Minho : There are many comments about saying that you’re handsome guy Minho : And you also are famous for so handsome guy (joking) Minho : What do you think?
Geong-Guk : It’s not ture Minho : you know, you’re tall and handsome (joking) Geong-Guk : I’m not the hansomeone lol Geong-Guk : I think that the bridge social experiment is sentimental video right? Geong-Guk : I think they are so emotional so misunderstand me as a handsome guy. Minho : So, What will you do in pranky friends well-favored boy. I mean What kind of actor would you be? Geong-Guk : I convey my empathy as deep as possible in sentimental social experiment (like a bridge video) Geong-Guk : And there is also a funny video in our channel Geong-Guk : And I promise you should laugh

100 thoughts on “Want to know The Bridge Korean Actor? (Face open) | Social experiment

  1. he was such a great actor! Even he felt emotional when the girl stopped him. He did a great job! Love all your videos<3

  2. تعرف شعور لما تكون اول واحد بس ما تدري وش تكتب يب هذا شعوري الحين😂

  3. 배우님 부끄러워 ㅋㅋㅋ in long shot camera was handsome, and this video more handsome 😂 너무 잘하시네요 👍

  4. Oh God thank you i really trying to see his detail face curiously and Im really smiling now watching him really fine at all :") The feeling is same when you really into the second lead drama character in a hard situation, good !

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  6. I agreed with him when he said that it was very emotional. But I totally disagreed when he said that it isnt true the fact that hes handsome 🤭❤

  7. I want to know how he personally felt (as an actor)
    When the pink jacket girl helped him… did he feel sad about misleading her?
    When she gave so much heart and care to him when his actions led her to believe he was about to end his own life.
    How did the actor explain to the pink jacket girl, that it was a social prank.

    That girl deserves recognition for her huge kind loving heart❤️

  8. 와 얼굴
    와 얼굴 ㅜ까지 잘생겼네 덕질해도 돼요…? 근데 인터뷰? 그 마이크 들고 계신 분도 잘생겼어요

  9. 내가 생각했던 얼굴이랑은 좀 다르긴한데 그래도 매력있게 생기셨당 ㅎ

  10. 모두모두 정말 멋지시고 잘생긴분들이에요!❤❤❤❤ 사회실험 영상보고 구독과 좋아요누루고 왔습니당 ㅎㅎ 앞으로 이런 영상 많이 올려주시구 정말 좋은 의도인것같습니다😍😍 그리고 수익안받는다셨는데 수익창출하셔도 될것 같아요^^ 좋은쪽이나 유튜브제작비에 사용하시면 되죠 ㅎ

  11. I want to know more about his feelings during the conversation with the girl in pink coat and the Mother, how he personally felt…

  12. Please give more recognition to the pink jacket girl.
    She was amazing and gave so much care and love to the actor because she thought this was real,
    To me she deserves more recognition because her response was real she is not an actor, she saw someone in real need and she acted as a person with pure heart.
    To me, the pink jacket girl has the most beautiful heart in caring for those around her, she dealt with it beautifully.
    I hope this channel will praise her as well

  13. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ좋게봐주셔서 감사하지만 .. 나중에 실망하실 것 같아 미리 환상을 깨고자 인터뷰에 응했습니다… 다음 영상에서 뵐게요~~~~~~~~~~

  14. PLEASE Can you make an interview video with the Pink coat lady and him together? When together they warm my heart 💓💓

  15. J'ai mis un " dislike" parceque la vidéo n'a pas respecté l'importance de ce sujet, j'aurais aimé s'ils ont parlé un peu plus sur leurs sentiments et leurs réactions quand la jeune fille a essayer de toute ces forces de persuader ce jeune homme "l'acteur " de renoncer à l'idée de se suicidé ! Très déçu du contenu de cette vidéo 🙁 👎

  16. Ah i really want to know how was his feeling when the pink coat girl and the ahjumma stopped him?? Anyway, he did a great job!! 👍👍👍

  17. Instead asking how his feeling about people know in as handsome and blah blah blah. I hope there is proper interview video asking him about how he feels towards aunt and pink coat girl

  18. KQ 채널에서 ateez 뮤직 비디오 답변
    비디오를 보자
    좋아하고 구독하는 것을 잊지 마세요

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