We Can Rebuild You – Episode 6 – Jerry’s 52nd Birthday

We’re here to surprise Jerry for his birthday. Pat: What’s up man? Jerry: G-man! What’s going on dude? So our plan was to pretend that we don’t know it’s Jerry’s birthday. So kind of just ignore that fact. And then we’re all kind of gathering in here, so after his workout, they’re gonna bring him in here to Pretend to take progress pictures and we’re all gonna be hiding here in here. We’re going to surprise him. Dylan: He has something about him that is just like a gravitational force. He’s got such a positive attitude that you just want to be around him. You know we really just want to show him how much we care. Guys, so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna try dim the lights a little bit more than this. We’re all gonna move to the back of the room. I’m loving it man. It’s beautiful! Pat: Yup! We’re coming right out. Jerry: It’s not me. That’s Pat’s fault! Jerry: It’s Pat’s fault. I’ll throw him straight under the bus. Dallas: All Pat man… Pat taking forever in there. *crowd cheers Happy Birthday and surprise!* *bad singing of Happy Birthday* Thank you, man. Wow… Sneaky Now I’ll know next time… Thank you everybody. Garett: That’s why we no-sold the birthday. You were like “Oh, it’s my birthday.” “Oh cool… [deadpan] happy birthday.” Can’t tell you man the journey that is going on. Everybody says I’m an inspiration but it’s the exact opposite. I get inspired by everybody else. It’s kind of like we’re all in a partnership together. Y’all… y’all accomplish things, I accomplish things You vibe off each others energy man, so I love you guys, and you’re my family. I ain’t gonna cry though… not in front of ya’ll. Everyone kind of got together… I ain’t gonna cry man, I’ll try to make me cry. I’m not gonna do that man… This is the first birthday where I’ve been able to walk like this in eight years. Thank you everybody. I’m still not gonna cry. Ya’ll not gonna get me man. Man, this is the best birthday ever, man. And not just because of the party man just because of… people and what’s going on… It’s just amazing and you know, I’m just I’m just blessed man now have friends. Because I didn’t have any friends… This is amazing. *cheering and clapping*

53 thoughts on “We Can Rebuild You – Episode 6 – Jerry’s 52nd Birthday

  1. I really, truly LOVE seeing Jerry's journey. I am so happy for you and everything you're accomplishing. Happy Birthday!

  2. Looking better every time ! ….Jerry…What progress you are making !….You are inspiring people with your journey….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ! ….Go forth and be AWESOME !

  3. Oh l have been waiting all week long for this episode๐Ÿ˜ just luv following the journey. Happy birthday Jerry๐ŸŽ‚. There is such a tremendous improvement.

  4. Happy Birthday Jerry. Your โ€˜familyโ€™ just keeps getting bigger and we are proud of your progress. Itโ€™s impressive!!!

  5. You're doing it Jerry , happy birthday man , 52 years young , your in good hands . Much respect and love DDP from the Green Mountains of Ireland โ›ฐโ˜˜๏ธ๐Ÿ‘Š๐Ÿฝ

  6. I am addicted to watching and cheering on his dedication and hard work. HB2U. I'm hitting 52 on Aug 14th and you are my inspiration.

  7. Happy birthday Jerry, your journey and my baby nephew keeps me motivated to continue the ddpy workout program๐Ÿ˜Š
    Thank You Soldier

  8. Oh my goodness, "Now I have friends. I didn't have any friends." How sad is that? Kinda makes me tear up a little.

  9. Wow I know I am late to seeing this but Jerry's story is such an inspiration to me. May God continue to bless you Jerry on your journey.

  10. was listening my fav playlist on youtube when this shit came on. And it wouldn't last just a few seconds like a decent comercial, no sir. This crap had to last a few fucking minutes. SO FUCK DDP, FUCK YOGA, FUCK THE FAT FUCKS IN THIS VIDEO AND FUCK WHOEVER UPLOADED IT ON YOUTUBE. FUCK YOU ALL!!!!!

  11. This is AWESOME! Love seeing Jerry's progress, such an inspiration! Much respect to Jerry & DDP! Abundant blessings to all! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Wow Jerry – Your journey is so inspiring! Both if my brothers have MS! But I think doing DDP in some capacity will help them! Peace and Blessings to You! Stay Focused ! Stay Strong!

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