Westpac offers prefab choices in New Zealand-first scheme

The real advantage for modular
homes is time. It’ll be an eight week build time, and that’s including plaster, paint,
and floor coverings. We’ve often thought about
redeveloping the front of the section. At the moment we’ve got an existing
cottage that we can take down. But at the moment we use all this for parking, and I think it would be more
benefit to use it for housing. We can build a 170 square metres
in one piece and move it. Yeah that’s a big load on the truck, but it’s doable and we’ve
got a demand for it. Currently we’re building 65 houses in a year, we’re hoping to produce increased
production by about 200% within the next couple of years. There are two main challenges we face: one is trades and getting skilled labor, but the the main one for us is perception. I couldn’t see how we could achieve
anything better than a single level, limited size that if it didn’t fit on a
truck they couldn’t deliver it. When I spoke to TDM and they said, “Well no we can we can offer you a range of solutions. “We can offer you two-story,
garage under, garage inside, “You tell us what you need and we’ll design it for you.” It was quite a relief. There’s a whole lot of reasons
for people having these houses. Young couples, especially rurally, they can get reasonably priced sections, and we can give them a reasonable house, and they can actually get their
foot on the ladder. It’s a real good thing. The process with Westpac has been good so far. As with anything it faces challenges and things like that. It’s taken a bit to get it off the ground, but now that it’s out of the ground
I think it’s going to be very popular. Because obviously one for the big hurdles
for first home buyers in particular is getting that off-site lending. And this is the way around it. Yeah, so once you get over the
hurdle of the finance issues, the world’s your oyster really, it’ll just flow. It will really flow. We’ve got a client that’s pretty much
across the line now in terms of what we’re doing. And we’ve obviously worked closely with Westpac to give Westpac the security that they need, in terms of dealing with the factory environment
and modules, and how that works and the client’s pretty impressed. Very satisfied with Westpac. Our traditional banker, the banker that we
currently use for our mortgage, they certainly are not geared up to
deal with this the way Westpac are. This one is a Westpac funded one, it’s the flagship one I guess,
it’s the first way to take off the ground. To the client it’s been a saviour. He was here witnessing the house from the sub-floor being framed out to the stand up. Very excited. But doing it this type of style we’re doing it in pieces, and things like that, that is the future. We’re busy the phone’s
going all the time. I certainly see a big future in it. And we haven’t really started ramping up yet.

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