What is Conscious Home Design?

Conscious Home Design is for people who are trying to self-actualize. It’s for people who are trying to live
intentionally. They have goals. They’re working to achieve a greater fullness of life. So the way one person lives an intentional conscious
lifestyle is is not the same as someone else. One person, they may be very focused on their fitness and nutrition and for them, their routine about the foods they
eat and the amount they exercise and they’re measuring the quality and hours of sleep they’re getting because they’re trying to
optimize their body, that’s one type of very intentional living. Another
person may be focused very much on their relationships, their personal and
professional relationships. They may be interested in conscious parenting. They
may be very connected with their community and doing volunteer work and
stuff, so however conscious living shows up for you or whatever that
means for you, we can build the home around that to encourage those
types of activities.

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