What is the e-Bridge Cloud?

e-Commerce enable your tourism or travel
business with the e-Bridge. With 4 modules: Hotel, Tour, Vehicle and Golf, e-Bridge allows small and medium travel operators to connect locally to a global network The current market tries to centralize and control bookings by making copies of inventory as each supplier is added the data is
duplicated making double work to copy and to synchronize again later. With more
duplicate data there is more effort so there are higher costs and fees for
both sides. These are loaded and unloaded and query with double-digit commissions to name a few privacy is also an issue as you cannot be sure who is looking at your competitive data. Any break in the connectivity creates even more work. Statistically globally it is estimated there are more than 5 million hotels
and guest houses which there are approximately only 350 thousand online.
It is estimated that only half of these are fully integrated and the other half
had some technology but require manual work. The remaining are not currently online in any meaningful way. This is reflected across the other segments of the industry in similar ways. Tour and vehicle operation numbers can only be estimated. Golf was slightly better as approximately thirty-five percent online in some way but a larger part of the travel industry remains yet unmeasured
and as such is unsupported. The e-Bridge is different. The e-Bridge
connects directly to inventory using open travel alliance instant messages. So
no data is copied or exposed. direct bookings to supplier’s inventory no transaction charge Every supplier gets a free secured online
booking engine to which the e-Bridge connects real time this returns the true
availability to the consumer which can with free Facebook booking application for Hotel & Tor operators a free start-up period be instantly booked and paid via any of
the popular payment gateways. With built-in channel manager and is business to business, business to costumer and business to business to customer supported How to join? Register on www.e-bridgedirect.com Downoad the e-Bridge Reservation System Configure the reservation software then start using your website to book How much does it cost? Hotel – as little as $170/ per year Tour – per activity Vehicle – per vehicle Golf – per 9 holes Register Now! Follow us and be updated on our socials

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