hey guys welcome back to another cleaning video today I’m doing a whole housecleaning routine for you guys and I hope this gives you a ton of much-needed motivation after the holidays so today I’m going to get started upstairs when I normally start downstairs but my routines are all about changing it up and just trying different things so that’s how I do it I know that I asked in my last cleaning video kind of where you start your cleaning routine and a lot of you had said you start with the kitchen which I normally do but this day I started upstairs and I worked my way down if you are new here I would love to have you hit that red subscribe button and turn on you notifications it’s free to subscribe it just notifies you when I upload new videos and I do upload a new cleaning video every Wednesday happy new year everyone by the way I cannot believe it is 2020 [Music] so over Christmas we had the flu all four of us got it my husband got it first and then the girls and I went down right after him and kenzley and I my youngest have really been the ones who got hit hard so I’m still kind of getting over that you might be able to tell in my voice also here I’m showing you what I’m using in my laundry I love the gain and then I have recently been trying the downy cool cotton and I also have the scent booster beads right here as well and they smell really good I love them I find mine at Target and I normally just order online [Music] so I had someone request that I do a cleaning video and I do not do a voiceover and I was wondering if that’s something that a lot of you would be interested in in the future for me to do a cleaning video where there’s just music and I’m not really on here talking so if that is something that you would like to see me do I would love to do it for you but I’m interested to see how many people would actually like that so if you would like that let me know in the comments [Music] just wanna get to know [Music] [Music] so I just wanted to take a minute out of today’s video to just honor baby Pru if you don’t know Brittany born leech son infant son passed away over Christmas and our community has just been heartbroken obviously for her and her family this was obviously very sudden and unexpected and just such a horrible thing so I just wanted to take a minute to just honor baby Cru he is our little hero he is an organ donor so he saved several baby’s lives and I think that that’s just amazing and I think it’s amazing that Brittany and Jeff were so selfless enough to be able to do something like that because I can’t honestly say that I would be able to do something like that I mean no one knows unless they’re put in that situation but I just think that that completely makes him a hero so I just wanted to take a moment to just honor baby Cru and just tell Brittany and her family that we love her so much and if you guys want to donate to their GoFundMe I will have that linked for you in the description box as well as Brittany’s channel so you can go and watch her videos and support her and see some videos a baby crew I did take down all my Christmas Dacor and I did not do that on camera I just have been so sick with the flu and I just wasn’t feeling up to filming it so I took everything down and my hair my house is pretty bare and I have some things that I want to do like get a pillow for my bed which I actually have now that I am editing this I did find a pillow for my bed but you’ll see downstairs too when we moved into this house in October I decorated for fall and then I went right into Christmas state course and now that there is no holiday decor out everything is pretty barren this house is a lot larger than our last one so I have a lot of spaces that I need to fill so I’m going to be doing some shopping over the next few months and kind of getting things the way that I want them and I will definitely bring you guys along for that but you will see some spots in my house that are kind of fair so bear with me I guess as I get my house and make it a home it does take time to get things just the way that I want them and yeah but anyways I’m just wiping down the bathroom and just straightening it up because I had already bleached it after we had the flu I bleached everything just to kill all those germs and then I went through and sprayed everything down with Lysol so I’ve already bleached the floors and I bleached the toilets and I bleached the countertops in the shower and the bathtub and everything in here I just didn’t film that because I actually did that when I was still sick like the minute I had any amount of energy I got up and started cleaning so I’m just doing a down in here today [Music] I asked in my last cleaning video for you guys to let me know if you thought I should paint my bathroom cabinets white or if I should stain them and honestly it was split down the middle between half of you said to stain them darker and half of you said paint them white and then a few of you had said paint them like a light gray or something which is something I had thought about so you all were no help but it’s okay I am there with you or like I’m so stuck in the middle between what to do but when I decide I will definitely let you guys know you will be the first to know [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] the middle thinking of traveling is both eyes I’m losing sight cause I’m falling I’m songs II turn deep down inside but I do [Music] I can my robot vacuum kept running into my tripod so if you see like that right there that was my robot vacuum running into my tripod and new concerns I will put up if you can catch this right here that’s me given a little bit of attitude to my preteen who has a major attitude so I was getting onto her because she didn’t want to help me on this day but she did end up robbing me and normally she is a great helper she helps me so much around the house but I think we were all just cranky and tired because we’re still not feeling ourselves so I just know if anyone would catch that I was giving her a little bit of attitude [Music] when I was busy cleaning I didn’t realize that Bailey was back there helping me clean up any crumbs in the dishwasher so thank god these things sanitized right so we did get a new table because we moved the one that was in here into at the dining area and I think it is really really cute but I’m not gonna say that I’m like I’m not gonna commit this is my V table I got it on like a yard sale site and the chairs don’t match you probably can’t tell just by looking at it here but there are mix-matched chairs and it’s not like counter height which we really prefer but I really liked it for now until I can find something that I truly love and want to keep for years and years and it’s just so hard for me to find things and it takes me so much time and we have been hosting so many things over the holidays I really wanted to have a table and I found that one and I do love it I love that it is a bright light like my cabinets my other table is a little bit off white so it fits great in the dining area and then this fits great in here so I do love it it is really cute but just nobody hold it against me if in a few months I have a different table in there and then I have a different buffet in there that I absolutely love and I’m obsessed with and I’ll show you guys that in a second it is really hard for me to talk if you can’t tell my voice I feel like I’m like really nasally but anyways yeah you’ll see that new buffing in a minute is so cute I love it but I know some of you might be like wait wait wait wait that’s a new table it is a new table well new to me it is a yard sale table that somebody read it [Music] I’m using my called drea countertop spray and sea salt neroli that is my favorite scent from the cold realign you can find their stuff on Grove collaborative they have dish soap and linen spray and countertop spray and they have I think like a concentrated multi-purpose thing that you can add and make your own but I love their stuff it smells so good and the only place I know you can find it is on growth collaborative and I always have the link for that in my description box if you are interested but that is what I’m using or my countertops today [Music] [Music] so here is my new buffet for the dining area in the kitchen and I got it at a local place so I can’t unfortunately like tell you guys where you could go find one because I found it at a local place that makes furniture like this but I got a really good deal on it and I think it fits perfectly into my space [Music] dive into into the waters you’ve been waiting too long get in the water oh [Music] I’ve been going so crazy it seems like the whole time the ground feels a little bit shaky Oh lately my head spinning around in a circle I hear whisper me to be bread into the [Music] [Music] Oh baby this can feel a bit scary you could do the one so I feel like in my living room is the one that suffers the most as far as via lack of a core goes I just feels kind of cold in here there’s not a lot of warm so I’m really excited to find a few pieces for in here to just warm this space up I did leave out that blanket from our Christmas stuff because my husband I loved that blanket I got at t.j.maxx last year and it’s really big and really comfy and warm so I want to find something to replace it that’s more year-round and then I want to find like some greenery and just some things to warm up the space in here because it’s such a large room and there’s hardly anything in it right now so I will be doing that over the next few months and I’m looking forward to finding things but I just wanted to let you guys know that I know this room kind of looks sad but there is hope for the future [Music] don’t be your friend [Music] [Music] [Music] so our dog Bailey when she runs around and plays this rug snag so bad I love this rug but is driving me crazy it is not pet friendly at all I got it at Kohl’s so I’m going around and cutting up all of the snags from her nails so that is what I’m doing I look like I’m crazy but I have this one in the dining room I have one in front of the front door and then I have this one and they snag so bad when you have pets so I don’t recommend them if you do have pets but other than that they are really pretty but they’re a pain in the butt [Music] that was a message from pens Lee who just came up to me and said she would like to say something and I said what would you like to say and she said I would like to say I love my mommy so that is from Kinsley do you want to say anything else will it happen you know can you say thank you for watching mommy’s videos say something okay [Music] they say man now just get it [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] so the last space that I’m gonna clean in this video is just vacuuming out my office I didn’t wipe down my furniture anything I just at this point honestly I was so tired because like I said I have been sick so cleaning the whole house for me and was really it took a lot of trying to pump myself up to get myself to do this I did not want to I was not motivated but I got it done and I hope that this cleaning video helps motivate you if you’re feeling the same way maybe you’ve been sick or maybe you haven’t but I know that the holidays can just where a person out mentally and physically so I hope that this video gave you some motivation to clean your houses and if it did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs up and let me know don’t forget to comment and let me know that you enjoy watching my videos and yeah Happy New Year guys I cannot believe it’s 2020 and I look forward to seeing what this year brings and hopefully it brings us a hundred thousand subscribers which is like my goal of life I would be so happy for that so that’s what I’m hoping for my channel this year so definitely share with your friends and family if you enjoy my channel I would appreciate it so much but I will see you guys in my next video I [Music] [Music] [Music]


  1. Do you have any New Year traditions? Please share! We have none but I would love to adopt one!

  2. I always look forward to your cleaning videos ✨💗 I also do cleaning videos and you give me a lot of motivation!

    So this is another vote for no talky videos! Maybe once a month or so and make a separate playlist. Is that too much? 😂😂

  4. I MUCH prefer videos WITH voiceovers. If a video doesn’t have a voiceover, I won’t watch it. I just find that I zone out and get bored if there isn’t that interaction.

  5. Do you make all your wood stands you have around the house? Like the one in the kids bathroom and other places I have seen around your home.

  6. Sickness has hit our house Lord help… I love your voice overs best! It feels like your chatting with me while we clean together lol…

  7. I would like a video with no voice over! Sometimes at night I find it so calming to just watch cleaning videos listening to music. I know they’re supposed to motivate me but sometimes they do the opposite and wind me down!

  8. Please don't change…i like your voice overs!!! You are amazing – the way you clean your house & decorate! Love your videos.

  9. What is the vacuum cleaner that you use in the beginning of your video (4:22 mark)? Do you like it better than your Dyson? Thank you

  10. I really like the voiceovers. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    My heart breaks for the Leach family. Baby crew was absolutely precious. Sending prayers to brittani’s sweet family.

  11. I am getting over being sick too and it was the worst this time! I think because we did so much traveling over the holidays it just felt really bad. I will watch your videos however you do them. I don’t have a preference honestly. I find them motivating either way. I started using the original gain detergent and fireworks and blue suavetel fabric softener at your suggestion and I love the way it smells! Now I have to try this downy combo with it now! 😁 I cried when I read her last Instagram post and as a parent I couldn’t even imagine being thwarted into a situation like that and have to make such difficult decisions. I pray for them everyday and hope they find peace and comfort in all of this.

  12. Isn’t it amazing how quickly a house gets dirty 😩 im pretty sure I just cleaned my house from top to bottom. I’m on my 3rd pregnancy and I’m searching for all the cleaning motivation.

  13. I like the voice overs. Not really a fan of no voice over. Maybe you could put up a video with a voice over and one without. It could be the same video just a version for each preference.

  14. I’m okay with a few videos without voiceover! Only because when I’m at the gym I can watch and work to the beats! Still love your voiceovers!

  15. To answer your question, I prefer the voiceover. Your dialogue is interesting and engaging.

    Also, I will offer an opinion: you don’t “need to fill” those spaces. Enjoy the space! 2 years ago I moved into a house nearly 3x larger than my previous home and we have intentionally not added stuff to fill the space. The only furniture I added was a sideboard/dresser to the dining room. I am so thankful for the extra space and the light and airy feeling that our home has because of all that extra space that I didn’t fill up! Just a thought! Your home is lovely! Thanks for the interesting video 😊

  16. I don’t mind the talking, think it’s great to talk and ask us questions so we can interact with you more.
    And my heart breaks for the Leach family, Crew is definitely a little hero. 💙🙏🏻 prayers for strength for them, and for anyone else with angel babies.

  17. Happy New Year! I personally like the voiceovers that you do but I’d still watch if you tried out the other way 👍🏻

  18. I couldn’t tell on camera that the chairs were mix matched, it looks super cute.
    My dog does the same thing with the dishwasher lol.

  19. I painted my bathroom cabinets white in my condo and it didn’t hold up. They have all chipped and look terrible. I would stain the wood instead, There is nothing like the look of real wood.

  20. Thank you for the cleaning motivation! I love watching these videos before I clean as well! ❤️ I have a small channel where I create motivational cleaning videos too!

  21. Happy New Year Ms. Christine… loving your videos. I too have all year round decor. but when the holidays are in i would wash them and put them away….as soon as the holidays are done. I take them out again and its kinda refreshing. it is hot here in Florida so blankets are not out for me. you can get live or artificial floral arrangements more green than colors. I know you love your floral decor…. it would be like an ode to the coming spring. Happy 2020 to you and your family. Cant wait to see your easter decor in your new house!!!!!!!!

  22. I have been kinda MIA, I also had the flu. I was just watching you clean your bedroom and I was wondering about your pillows and throw colors. Are they like a plum/gray color? They are beautiful. I just recently bought a new rug and those would be perfect.

  23. I love you voice overs. You are one of my favorites because you do voice overs. Don’t rush with decorating your home. Find things you love. My husband and I are just now getting furniture and decorating an extra living room we have at our home. We moved 2 years ago lol

  24. New subscriber! Gald to see that you have pre teenager. I have a teenager and I can't get any help. Any advice on that?

  25. I love your channel! And my vote is definitely keep doing voice over. It brings personal touch that we appreciate so much! And if I’m cleaning with you it helps to hear you talk about what you’re doing. Again, it’s that personal touch. If someone doesn’t like voice over, they can hit the mute button ☺️ Also, I hope you’re feel better soon. My husband also came down with the bug, which hit our daughter and myself as well. He didn’t fully recover and is back with it right now.

  26. I prefer all taking in intro and no talking during video unless there’s an explanation for new technique, tools or products.

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  30. I feel you on the preteen attitude. My 12-year old is doing the same and I also respond back with attitude 🤣 My patience keeps getting tested!! I
    Love your voiceovers but I'll watch either way!! Happy New Year!! 💜💜

  31. I actually found this channel because I like the voice overs personally. If I'm cleaning while I'm listening I can't see what's happening and all I hear is music. Taking adds a nice touch.

  32. I was saving this one for when I wasn’t sick so I’m hoping everyone is feeling better soon. Poor baby Crew I feel so bad for them. Loosing a child is the worst, I know. I love your videos, my favorites. Feel better you all. ❤️

  33. Prayers for healing to all💖 Me,Fiancé & Our Baby got sick around Christmas also 👎🏽. To me you do they perfect amount of talking 🤷🏽‍♀️😂 but I wouldn’t mind just the music playing but I’ve watched you for so long it’s gonna be kinda weird

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