Why China is Building the World’s Biggest City

this video is sponsored by Skillshare the first 500 to use the link in the description get a two month free trial within a country wealth and power are almost always concentrated in just a few small regions in the US 37 of the 75 highest earning counties lie in the north eastern corridor between Washington DC and Boston and 54% of startups are first financed in just five metropolitan areas trace the coasts and there you will find the rich and powerful China is no exception the historic political capital of DC is Beijing the bustling financial center of New York is Shanghai and the fast paced innovative Silicon Valley is the southern city of Shenzhen together it Hong Kong Macau Guangzhou and several other cities form the Pearl River Delta one of the wealthiest and most vibrant parts of China and one of the most important to the world economy it's home to the third fifth and seventh busiest container ship ports it's where your iPhone came from and where it will eventually end up but while these are among China's most internationally open connected and capitalist cities they're also the most disconnected domestically despite being part of China Hong Kong and Macau have separate governments laws and freedoms residents of the two special administrative regions require a permit to cross the border into the mainland and vice versa legally their islands and doing business across them involves a sea of bureaucracy at least until now china plans to integrate all these cities into one greater Bay Area a mega city 58% bigger than the entire Tokyo metropolitan area San Francisco's Bay Area is home to about 7 million people China's almost 70 it hopes to rival both Silicon Valley and Wall Street at the same time with an economy already the size of South Korea or Russia but many argue there's another hidden motivation behind China's plan the train from West Kowloon in downtown Hong Kong the Fujian station and Shenzhen mainland China takes just 14 minutes but in those 26 kilometers almost everything changes British electrical outlets are replaced with the type one used in Australia and New Zealand sites like YouTube Twitter and Facebook stop working thanks to the Great Firewall the Hong Kong dollar becomes the Chinese yen and the average income drops from 46 to 30 thousand to u.s. dollars all of this is due to Hong Kong's unique and complicated history on June 30th 1997 the United Kingdom officially withdrew from the territory after a hundred and fifty six years of governance and on July 1st Hong Kong was returned to China but not without compromise the sino-british joint declaration stated that although Hong Kong would exist under the sovereignty of China it was guaranteed its own Constitution capitalist and legal systems for 50 years Hong Kong will be directly under the authority of the central People's Government of the People's Republic of China and will enjoy a high degree of autonomy except in foreign and defense Affairs one country two systems' likewise the Portuguese and Chinese government's signed the joint declaration on the question of Macau but with separate detached government's come separate detached economies for a region so dependent on trade and tourism travelling between cities is remarkably complicated while the train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen only takes 14 minutes it also requires a lengthy immigration and customs process first by going through security then the Hong Kong departure procedure and finally receiving mainland arrival clearance which requires a separate visa on the other side of Hong Kong the longest sea crossing in the world connects to Macau and the mainland city of Zhuhai but this 19 billion dollar bridge which took eight years to build is surprisingly quiet in 2018 36 million people visited Macau 88 percent of whom came from the mainland or komm but only about 1 million total entered through the bridge the crossing is an amazing feat of engineering but also a bureaucratic nightmare because all three territories have separate laws and regulations crossing the bridge requires three separate insurance policies in Hong Kong car insurance is required to cover twelve point seven four million u.s. dollars in damages on the mainland a tiny eighteen thousand one hundred and seventy two dollars and in Macau a minimum of 180 5520 for such a huge difference makes creating a single unified policy extremely difficult and because of their British and Portuguese influence Hong Kong and Macau drive on the left side of the road but the main bridge section is located in mainland waters so hong kong drivers have to switch to the right hand side as they enter the link bridge even though that's still in hong kong territory travel briefly in an undersea tunnel allowing ships to pass overhead and then change back to the left side if they enter Macau making things even more complicated there's a quota on private cars of course immigration and customs and a toll which if you pay in cash has to be Chinese yen imagine how much harder it would be to work in San Francisco if crossing the Golden Gate required a visa permit changing sides of the road twice and a few insurance policies oh and don't forget to pay with Mexican pesos these inefficiencies are especially pronounced in an area so rich with startups and large consumer markets doctors lawyers and investors for example are often blocked from doing business across borders despite their huge economic potential if not legally then out of confusion or frustration Hong Kong and San Francisco have some of the world's most expensive rent the former however is surrounded by other terribly expensive cities Palo Alto San Jose Berkeley and so on Hong Kong on the other hand has lots of cheap labor for Chinese increasingly service based economy right across the border waiting to be tapped into the Chinese government sees this as a major opportunity the Bay Area plan first announced in 2016 and just released in February is not one but a series of steps to connect these cities and make use of their vast differences Macau will continue to be the Las Vegas of the East thanks to its geographically central location and relaxed gambling laws Hong Kong a global intermediary allowing foreign firms to invest in China and increasingly for Chinese companies to access the wider world its airports one of the busiest in the world and now in the process of building a third runway will act as a gateway to the rest of the region already 14 of its 75 million passengers a year end up travelling to nearby cities and Cathay Pacific is considering selling to in one plane tickets which include train or ferry travel to and from the airport Shenzhen meanwhile will serve as China's Silicon Valley home to some of the country's biggest companies including DJI 10 cent and BYD finally Guangzhou as the capital of the entire Guangdong province is the administrative and political center and connecting them all are the first parts of the plan the train from Hong Kong to the mainland the Hong Kong Macau zhuhai bridge whose details will hopefully be worked out and another currently in construction will connect Shenzhen to the other side of the mainland now as these cities become more linked together wealth will spread outward the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology has announced a second campus on the mainland and many companies are investing in property across the border in anticipation of the plan already Shenzhen is nowhere near the cheap source of labour it once was and some cities will likely benefit more than others but with 70 million people there will long be plenty of workers in surrounding areas the economic case for the plan is therefore hard to refute but so is the concerning trend that has followed remember that before you can get on the train from Hong Kong to Shenzhen you first have to pass mainland immigration that means a portion of the terminal in the middle of downtown Hong Kong is controlled by mainland authorities and governed by mainland now as an isolated event this would be easy to dismiss as a mere convenience for faster travel after all it's quite similar to how the Chinese government leases part of its Schengen port to Hong Kong but this is occurring against a much larger backdrop in 2014 the Chinese government changed Hong Kong's election rules limiting the democratic power of its people to elect their chief executive to which Hongkongers took to the streets with our iconic yellow umbrellas later during a football match Hong Kong fans booed at China's national anthem it ended in a tense 0 to 0 with Chinese police wearing riot gear warning the crowd not to insult the song the People's Republic then passed a law which made doing so illegal and although Hong Kong is entitled to its own laws there's an exception a special section of its constitution which China has the power to add to or remove from more recently the Hong Kong government is proposing changing its extradition laws to allow some suspected criminals to be sent to the mainland for prosecution both the UK and US government's have warned that Hong Kong's autonomy is at risk but it's also clear the world is woefully unprepared for a China which builds not walls but bridges it's unlikely that either country would risk raising tensions any further meanwhile political unity and economic growth are China's absolute highest priorities it will argue the redundancies of Hong Kong and Macau separation loses everyone time and money many locals in turn will argue that those separations are exactly what makes their home so great China will argue that no part of the greater Bay Area plan fundamentally changes its relationship with the regions that protesters are overreacting and skeptics will argue gradual symbolic changes are exactly how freedom is usually lost Hong Kong is unlike any other place on earth a culture within a culture set to expire in 2047 when it's promised autonomy ends but the new era has in many ways already begun there are about 170 9,000 Hongkongers worth a million US dollars which divided by its 427 square miles means you'd only need to walk an average of four meters to cross paths with a millionaire but as the world moves towards an automation based economy the greater Bay Area will need to invest in high-skilled workers to maintain its advantage and truthfully we should all be learning skills to survive in the new economy and a great way to get started is with skill share in short bite-sized videos like this one you can watch me teach you how to make your own animated videos or business casual show you how to invest in the stock market or Thomas Frank teach you how to do more of the learning thing and less of the say playing video games thing there are 25,000 classes in business design programming you name it and you can try it today with a two month free trial with the link in the description for the first 500 people

49 thoughts on “Why China is Building the World’s Biggest City

  1. A lot of those barriers were placed to allow things not to integrate together.
    50 years of autonomy, 28 years before it ends. I am saying it had gone already sadly.

  2. Jesus there are so many Chinese/Asian people in the world. Just look at this comment section.

  3. China wants and is invading Spain, South America they are learning Spanish as a second language, oh I forgot NZ and Australia… there will be a time when we will those Chinese eyes everywhere !!!!

  4. Can someone give me channels similar to this? I am already to subscribed to some, but I know there are more out there 🙂

  5. Because if not the population will become an even bigger problem. China won’t even have breathable air in the next 30-50 years if they keep up what they’re doing

  6. You used images of Rotterdam, a Dutch city on 10:36. I live there! Noticed nothing of declining freedom though :p

  7. Very informative but I don't think the bridge part is clear. The bridge was meant for shuttle buses and freight vehicles. A lot of factories are near the Zhuhai region and driving containers to the HK port takes 4 hours without the bridge. But, somehow they haven't decide on the plan to allow trucks passing the bridge yet.

  8. Anyone know if there's an auto video dislike extension for Chrome? Would be mighty convenient seeing as I keep forgetting to dislike/watch to the point where the cancership ending plays.

  9. As usual nonsense, this video is to tell you that China is not democratic, so it is evil. I suggest Westerners change their way of expression. Your propaganda is like a joke in the eyes of Chinese people.

  10. HAHAH! Salty Brits cry over Hong Kong your age genocide and imperialisam is over!Stay on your tiny island and cry you becoming irrelevant in global power.

  11. actually u have to note, that those are declarations. not treaty. which mean it just something china say but is not legally bound to. the fact that HK is still allow self-governance is amusing enough, but the power still lies with the people's congress, HK inability to gain political allies, means shanghai was able to wrestle for power and insert anti-HK policy into law. if HK doesn't win guangzhou over to its defense, china policies will be increasing stacked against the south. this program is to combat the rivalry and power of shanghai.

  12. Why are there so many of these gay faggot channels that have a soy boy read Wikipedia over 60fps story blocks stock footage? Who gives a fuck?

  13. Basically they're going to take what little freedoms these cities have left and then shit all over them. Britain should never have given Hong Kong back, i know more than a few Chinese people that came here before the the handover and never once looked back… I feel sorry for Hong Kong, they had it so much better not long ago

  14. You disinformation and the United States big sucker.The first half of the video seems to be normal,but then you will start your American white pig-like arrogance.

  15. As a citizen of Hong Kong I am not against integration and GDP growth but I’m against integrating with China as it is – a autocratic regime coupled with crony capitalism.

    Deng Xiaoping the former Chinese leader acknowledged the superiority of Hong Kong not only in terms of GDP/capita, but human development, thus the 50 year period of autonomy status for China to “catch up”. Instead of catching up, freedom in China is narrowing each day since Xi came about.

  16. I lol'd at the sinister music when he started talking about Chinese controlled land of the train station

  17. not walls but bridges, cute.. let's see how they handle the waves of immigration once they have all the jobs.

  18. Should have legally left Hong Kong self-sufficient, if nothing else.. With Britain withdrawing from the picture, I think I'd rather see an autonomous Hong Kong, with a strong self-contained local jurisdiction, than a Hong Kong run by Communists of the mainland.. (though I admittedly know less than I should regarding the proposed "merger"). Otherwise, their plans do actually look reasonable and well thought-out..

  19. US northeast and leftist coasts have the most wealth.

    And most:


  20. For a second I thought you weren't gonna bring up how China was already starting to imoede the democracy of Hong Kong

  21. China forgot how much Chinese people hate each-other. People between Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau will never get along. Just look at the weekly protests in Macau and HK. This Big Bay Area is a complete failure and a huge waste of money.

  22. the reson people drive on the left side of the rod in Macau isn't because of Portugal that doesn't make any sense, because Portugal like evry contry in Eurasia drive on the right side of the rode like China another eurasian contry so you can drive from Lisbon to Beijing on the same side of the rode to be more practical…

  23. It's sick for me, for instance, every time I wanna renew my Chinese Visa I have to go to Hong Kong, stay there 3 days and then come back to China because with a Chinese visa you can't enter HK (it's forbidden) but if I wanna enlarge my stay in China and get more months of visa, I have to travel to HK once my Chinese visa is expired in order to let them renew it. SICK.

  24. Interesting video and even more interesting that you added at 10:40 a footage of the Dutch city of Rotterdam to you video!

  25. You said Silicon Valley but you showed the Golden Gate Bridge which is in San Francisco, which is not in the Silicon Valley. It’s just in the Bay Area. Silicon Valley is also in the Bay Area but San Francisco is not in Silicon Valley. Anyways nice video. Keep up the good work!

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