Why Interior Design is Important in a Remodel

– Interior design is a critical part of the home remodeling process. It should be a fun and exciting time, not a burden because you’re
making last minute decisions. The collaboration between the homeowner and interior designer
should work to meet style, space, function and budget goals. The importance of this phase
should not be underestimated. Working with an interior designer, you get to visualize what
you’re home’s going to look like before work starts, as well as be assured your budget is met. Home remodeling without interior design is like taking a trip
without an itinerary. You can expect delays, cost
overruns and a lot of stress. A well developed design package includes all the materials,
fixtures and finishes for your remodel, plus
full color renderings with cabinet elevations, hard surfaces, tile layouts and textures. As part of our design build service, we source, check lead
times, go over pricing and with client’s
approval, order products. So when the building permit is issued, we can start work and the
project runs smoothly.

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