Why Mormons Build Temples

I can go the temple and
feel close to God. I can feel holiness. The temple, I think, is the
great metaphor on Earth for what Heaven will be like. If you understand why we build
temples, you must understand first that we believe in
revelation and in the restoration of the Gospel. And to “restore” means to bring
back something that was lost. Not a new invention, but
a restoration of that which was known anciently. I am both interested and
delighted to see so much of ancient religious tradition,
particularly biblical tradition, taken up into the
religious structures and rituals of the Mormons. Someone who does not know much
about temples and Mormons building temples should be
directed to the Bible. I feel that the Mormon
experience of the temple has sort of restored that meaning
to the word “temple.” 1 Corinthians 15, where Paul
speaks about those who baptise themselves for the dead and
obviously takes for granted that, A, there were people
who did so, and he has no complaint about it. Now, with the Mormons, we have
it again as a practice. It’s a beautiful thing. I could think of myself as
taking part in such an act. Extending the blessings that
have come to me in and through Jesus Christ. That’s a beautiful
way of letting the eternal mix into the temporal,
which, in a way, is what Christianity is about. In the Holy Temple,
the precious plan of God is taught. It is here that eternal
covenants are made. The temple lifts us. It exalts us. It stands as a beacon for all
to see and points us towards celestial glory. It is the house of God. All that occurs within the
walls of the temple is uplifting and ennobling. The temple is a place
of tranquility. It is a place of kindness
and love and light.

100 thoughts on “Why Mormons Build Temples

  1. Where are the differences between a church building of any christian denomination and a mormon temple? Except for the architecture I can't see a fundamental difference.

  2. Temples were not open to the general public. There are reasons, just as there were reasons anciently and it is a counsel from God. Everyone should understand that ALL are invited into sacred Temples, but each must properly prepare themselves to do so. I see it as steps that one must follow, and though the process is simple, one must properly abide by them before entering. A local Bishop will help you prepare. Temples are not secret but sacred. I pray this helps=]

  3. I enjoyed your comment& respect your perspective. I hope you will understand that ALL are invited into these Holy Temples, but individuals must prepare themselves sufficiently before entering. A local Bishop or LDS missionaries can help you prepare. I like to see the process before entering Temples as steps that must be taken one at a time in preparation.But you will notice that it was the same anciently. The ancient Tabernacle & the Temple during Christ's ministry were not open to the public.

  4. @atmatk There are many religious symbols inside the Temples. While we hold sacred the sacrifice Christ made for us on the cross it is a symbol of a dead Christ and we worship a resurrected living Christ.

  5. The Temples are so beautiful, and you can just see that our Heavenly Father abides in them. I cannot wait to get sealed in one of the beautiful Temples.

  6. @atmatk There are many symbols inside and outside the temple. The ones on the outside can be seen in the architecture and on the doors. It is different with each temple where the symbols are located but they are all there. The ones on the inside we do not show pictures of because we hold them to be sacred.
    We as LDS people do not wear crosses because "We simply view the resurrection of Christ, rather than His death, as the "good news" of the gospel." I hope this answered your questions!

  7. Yes, The Apostle Paul was using a comparison, comparing our bodies to temples in order to teach us how sacred our bodies are, just like temples are sacred.

  8. there is no better place to visit than our temples to feel close to my Savior and to Heavenly Father. 1 Corinthians15 verse 29

  9. @loosifur Yes and No..The gospel of Jesus Christ was pure and plain in th early church where he organized it and set it up..But through the years after all of the apostles were killed those truths were lost..what remained was a mixture of pagan beliefs and some of what Christ taught and set up..The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is simply the "restored" church that was set up. Through a modern prophet and revelation it now stands as his church on the earth today.

  10. Whenever I attend the temple, my marriage is strengthened, I find answers to questions about life, and my overall perspective is improved. I love to attend the temple with my wife. We were married in the Manti Temple almost 8 years ago. Each time we return to the temple together, we are reminded that God ordained marriage, our marriage, and that he expects us to work hard to make it as fulfilling as he intended. I'm grateful to see temples being built across the world.

  11. @gooieslee The places we normally meet at are called "Chapels" or "Meeting Houses". What many call a church. The Temples are sacred places where we perform sacred ordinances, sealings, Baptisms for the Dead and marriage sealings. Like in ancient times and through out the Bible, Temples were places of special worship, places of holiness and cleaniness.

  12. @loosifur Yes, in away, "The fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things which pertain to our religion are only appendages to it". Joseph Smith

  13. Temples are such peaceful, beautiful places. We go there to learn, to serve our families and to feel the spirit. I love to go there, especially with my family. We are so blessed to have temples as the central focus in our church and daily lives. Everything we do should focus on the temple.

  14. I live close to the Cardston Temple which is in the southwest corner of Alberta Canada. This was the first Temple in Canada and some of THE most beautiful wood work is in this Temple, it simply took my breath away. I also go to church in the oldest working LDS church in Canada. It is so humbling to know that those walls were erected by the men who founded our church….we even have a balcony! lol Im so proud and humbled to be LDS, i wish all to seek and find your place in God's kingdom.

  15. Here's what I don't understand: I believe God is omnipresent…He's everywhere. It seems to me that (in this religious mindset) God is being placed into a "box"…or a Temple in this case. Jesus tore the veil to the holy of holies when He died on the cross at Calvary. That says to me that God can be experienced anytime, anywhere! I think if we place too much emphasis on a building…we are denying in some fashion the greatness of our Chief Cornerstone!

  16. It is a beautiful thing, i go to the church of jesus christ of latter day saints and im 11 and i have been inside the temple next to it, it is amazing! you feel so diffrent in a good way, i went in for the open house of the temple and when i was at an activity day at my church, and it is just you can feel more close of more amazing its the best thing you could ever do.

  17. @ajeremy09 The temple is where we can go to feel closer to God. Yes, we can find God anywhere, but in the temple there is a greater ability to draw closer to Him and feel his presence. It eliminates the distractions of the world and allows us to focus all of our mind and spirit on Him. We do not just place him in a box, so to speak. We also feel his presence in our weekly worship in chapels, and in our daily lives as we pray and seek to find Him. The temple is for us to feel him even more

  18. @ajeremy09 I also wonder about if god is the 3 omni's then shouldn't all of their life be a prayer since he already knows everything you do as you do it.

  19. Maybe this comment doesn't belong here.. but.
    The best weapon to 'kill' your enemies with..

    Love, and kindness. You'll get the most unexpected results.

  20. @TheAngelmj15 same here…im a first generation member:) patience. If you have a desire, let that desire lead you to act….and with the right actions the blessings will follow. How great is your desire? What do you need to do? what can you do? God knows the answer to all these guestions…seek them as hidden treasure and with enough faith you can move mountains:)

  21. @ajeremy09 Knowledge and understanding needs to be sought after as hidden treasure. Prov2,3 Heavenly Father is not being placed in a box… and also this is not just another religion. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of this earth… Eph5:23 Jesus Christ is the head of the church. The gospel of Christ has been restored in these latter-days Rom1:16 Matt24:14 I know that this is true and it is my testimony that has set me free.

  22. @MorganRox5441 We can be slaves to our own ignorance…and that is just one reason why pride is not good. Prov2,3 Eph5:23

  23. @thetechnologyvault Matt6:33 Eph5:23 I learn allot in the temple about these scriptures:) Its such a beautiful thing to have the gospel of Christ and to be able to be sanctified and perfected with your eternal family unit:) It will take us more than this life time to love our wives as Christ loves the church:) The gospel light has opened my eyes and has helped me to see that I truly need to repent and change in these latter-days…Matt24:14

  24. @sarissaki Prov2,3 Seek knowledge as hidden treasure and you can also know the truth Eph5:23 Matt6:33 seek not the vain things of this world… seek knowledge John17:3 The gospel of Christ has been restored once again in these latter-days and it is the power of God unto salvation to all those that believeth Rom1:16

  25. @loosifur Eph5:23 There is only one church…beware of false teachings. The greatest thing about the message of the restoration of the gospel of Christ is that it is true. It is the knowledge of the truth that will set the world free. Im very happy that I believed enough to meet with the missionaries… Like Joseph Smith I also sought knowledge as hidden treasure and it was my testimony that set me free:) REv19:10

  26. Im not a Mormon but i love the idea of the Temple.And the beliefs behind them.My Mother passed away before i could tell her how much i loved her.I did not treat her to well yet she loved me and gave me her all til she could give no more and i wish i could see her again.

  27. @vanillasunshyne thanks for giving us a chance! its true, most christians do only read the bible, but to me, a christian is anyone who is willing to follow jesus christ

  28. If you read the bible, you will see that it clearly states that God does not dwell in temples made with the hands of men. The bible clearly states that the temple of the Old Testament was a picture of one day God dwelling in our bodies. Everyone born-again is a temple of God.

  29. @gladiator8324 There is nothing clear about the bible, or there wouldn't be so many variations and churches trying to explain it!

  30. @mulatoypo Para respuestas, puedes buscar mormon.org, cambiar la lingua a la fondo izquierda, y escojar "Preguntenos" a la cima derecha. Lo siento, no hablo mucho espanol.

  31. If there is an LDS Temple being built in your area, I highly recommend anyone interested tour the temple when it is open to the public. I would love to hear about your experience after you see it and feel it firsthand.

  32. I am Catholic and I love the Mormon temples. I believe all church's are "Houses of God" the temple is a special building for the purest ones to enter

  33. Church leaders as well as other professors and the Dean of Divinity know why we build sacred Houses of the Lord where we go to serve, help bless, and provide eternal salvation to hundreds of millions of deceased children of God!

  34. I love going to the San Diego temple because it is the place where I can directly speak with my heavenly father and ask him for guidance.

  35. I love getting to hear President Monson testify about the blessings of the temple. Truly, going to the temple helps us to unlock all of the blessings of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that our Heavenly Father so earnestly desires to give us. We merely have to seek, ask, and knock. =)

  36. The Jews have one sacred temple, never have they had more than one at any time, whether traveling in the wilderness(they had a portable temple) or the temple of Solomon. they have one sacred temple because that is what they have been commanded to have. We have many because we have been commanded to build them so that every member of the church is within a reasonable distance to a temple, because of the blessings and covenants that can only be received in a temple.

  37. Jesus answered them, "Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up. The Jews then said, "It has taken forty-six years to build this temple, and will you raise it up in three days? But he was speaking about the temple of his body.

  38. I can't think of a better place to receive inspiration about life's problems and questions. My wife and I go to the temple together to seek answers about things ranging from employment and financial issues to more spiritual questions about decisions we're considering. I'm glad to live within 20 minutes of two different temples in Utah.

  39. it's interesting to waste money on building quite expensive temples while people are starving. This is NOT christian – that's not what the Father is looking for.
    Check John 4:20-26 / Isaiah 1:10-15

  40. John 2:19. Jesus answered them, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days.” Jesus Christ is the temple, and one that cannot be destroyed. It is puzzling that mormons give such importante to temples… while claiming to be Christians.

  41. Precisely my thoughts. Perhaps they can "enlighten" us?…Seriously, I wonder – will that barrier ever be broken for some people.

  42. I love working in the Melbourne Temple, because I know that I am helping those souls which never had the chance here in this life to go to the Temple for themselves. How much Heavenly Farther
    loves us. This makes so much sense for we all know God is truly merciful. He never forgets anyone,he loves us all. In the Temples those who died not knowing Jesus Christ are given that same chance. This is the God I always believed in and only found him in this church. I give thanks to my missionarys.

  43. I have been inactive in the mormon church for so long due to problems at home, work, and college. But for some reason watching the mormon vids makes me want to go back to church.. and soo it shall be.. It is soo powerful…
    Although i face struggles in life. I will always have guidance 🙂

  44. I have NO IDEA who would dislike this video…either people who are overly critical of video presentations themselves or embittered anti-mormons and excommunicated members. Who really knows, though?

  45. you should definitely make that a goal! have you been in before? It's a wonderful experience, and I'm sure if you go you'll be able to receive guidance.

  46. I do agree that the Bible says that people get baptized on behalf of the dead,and I think it is right that people do this, but I believe that God does not live in a house made with hands, that our bodies are the temple of the Lord since believers are part of the body of Jesus Christ.

  47. After a temple is built, there are open houses where anyone can go inside. Once it gets dedicated, a person needs a temple recommend to go inside.

  48. Temple symbolizes the reality of God's existence and love to man. The purposes of the temple built during the time of Solomon is the same as the 141 temples built worldwide today. It is d house of the Lord, a place of worship and revelation. It is a place where knowledge of eternity can be learned and realized. It is a place where husband and wife relationship can sealed to eternity. Its the only place where families can be sealed together forever. God's love is real, so His church & His Temple

  49. Before a temple dedication ceremony, anyone can enter the temple and walk through it to see what it is like on the inside. After a temple is dedicated, only worthy LDS members can enter the temple.

  50. Which begs the question, "Is the bible really the ultimate authority on the earth, since nobody seems to agree upon what is said there?" This is why I am so grateful to have a living prophet on the earth today who speaks to us under the direction of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Temples bring new understanding to 1 Cor. 15:29 which is the scripture that the wonderful Catholic priest mentions in the video.

  51. "Throughout history, the Lord has commanded His people to build temples."

    Oh, really? The Israelites wanted to build a temple, but YAHWEH was perfectly content with his tent called the tabernacle. King David wanted to build a temple, but YAHWEH forbade it because of his sin with Bathsheeba.

  52. I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it 3. 🙂 I love going inside the temple and just being overcome with the spirit

  53. the tabernacle was a temple. The israelites were wondering in the wilderness for 40 years. So they couldn't build a building so they used tents to make covenants and worship God. Also how could david build a house for the lord when he was unworthy to do so? The next king Soloman (who was worthy at the time) had the authority to build the temple. So yeah there have been temples build throughout history

  54. May you stop reading the God delusion and actually do real research with your mind and spirit. Yes, you do have a spirit. Humble yourself and you will find it.

  55. I am lucky enough to go to the temple every week, so I can confirm that what is said in this video is true. The temple is vital for me to "recharge" my spiritual batteries; it is a place of tranquility and peace. There, I can rest my mind from the busyness and clamor of modern life. The inside part of the temple is filled with beautiful art, from gorgeous reliefs to elegant stain-glass windows, depicting scenes from the scriptures, nature, any other thing that is inspiring and uplifting. The work that goes on in there, however, is more important than all — there, we bring the blessings of the Gospel to those that cannot help themselves, by doing the various essential ordinances (such as baptism) ourselves, in their behalf. Temples are so wonderful! If any of you ever have a chance, I'd recommend you visit one.     

  56. "Throughout history, the Lord has commanded his people to build temples." I think this statement might be flawed. Can someone please tell me where these commandments are recorded?

  57. "To understand the Temple, we must first understand…revelation and restoration of the fullness of the gospel…"  These are two important principles, in order to understand of why the temple are important to our families!!!  Contact an LDS missionary near you, or message us!!!  We Love Ya!

  58. I am a baptized Catholic, and love and honor my faith.  One of my very good and beloved friends is LDS and a temple worker.  I do appreciate the Mormon ritual of baptizing the dead, and since my mother had never been baptized in life I asked my friend to have her baptized at the temple.  My father was baptized at the same temple after he passed in 1985 by his sister (my aunt) who was a Mormon.  Now I am considering having my parents sealed in the temple too.

  59. Being in the temple is the sweetest heavenly experience.  It is a place where inspired thoughts flow freely.  It is a place where one can put aside the cares of the world and draw close to God, our Heavenly Father.  Most of all, it is a place where one sees clearly that the Lord Jesus Christ is the center of everything – our Brother and our Savior.  I love to go to the temple!

  60. I absolutely love your channel every time I watch one of your video I remember god is with me and I could do all thing through Jesus Christ my god

  61. I love to see the temple,
    I'm going there again someday,
    to covenant with my Father,
    to promise and obey.
    For the temple is a hoise of God a place of love and beauty,
    I'll prepare myself while I am young,
    This is my sacred duty.

  62. I am so thankful that the Priesthood was restored by a prophet. The temple workers are so nice and it feels peaceful (like the feelings received when I first read the Book of Mormon). I struggled with the Old Testament and my anti-Mormon friends telling me it's not a priesthood because we are not from the tribe of Levi and deacons hold the priesthood at age 12. But I trust the words and works of Joseph Smith and other men to guide this work and restore what fell apart.

    Jesus died so I can work to become perfect and the temple is part of that. It's through my endowment covenants that I will hopefully be able to walk into the Celestial Kingdom and receive my reward for living a life of honor and service to God, man, and His Church.

    My heart goes out to my Christian friends that may never experience the Temple, understand the fullness of the Gospel as revealed by Joseph Smith and other prophets, and receive these necessary sacred covenants to assure their salvation into the presence of our Heavenly Father.

  63. I want to be called a Latter-day Saint please mormons is a downgrading word from mobs. lets talk about the following: I love the video thank you for sharing why Latter-day Saints build temples.

  64. I find myself back to this video, year after year. In college, I studied the Latter-day Saints while researching religions of the world. I had the great opportunity to learn from students of Prof. Stendahl and revere his rules for religious understanding, and I'm grateful for the missionaries, members, and now family for the journey that led me to now; five years later, a member of the church with a beautiful wife, who served a mission, and a wonderful daughter born into this faith and culture. I'm glad I can watch this message, reflect on the past few years, and feel the joy of finding faith.

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