100 thoughts on “Wing Chun Film w Sifu Russ Cichon – Seeking The Bridge

  1. What a compliment. It's my pleasure, I made it so I could share the feelings I've experienced while training in martial arts, and glad you can take something away from it.

  2. Very nice movie yes, great work and i loved ur moves guys. I'm a wing chun practioner and yes i will try to remember ur last words, about that starting feeling, that touch. Cheers buddy! Practice more! 😉

  3. I really liked your video bro its great i would love to learn wing tsun but i can´t find where to learn it in my hometown only traditional kung-fu I live in mexico btw

  4. Thank you my friend. Yes one of the hardest jobs is finding a great Sifu, I was lucky enough. Keep looking, there is no substitue for a great teacher in person!

  5. I know I've already commented before, but I just wanted to say, I've watched this several times in the past year, and I absolutely admire the skills showcased by Sifu Cichon and yourself. It is quite impressive – looks very much like authentic wing chun lineage.

    If I am ever somewhere near you, hopefully I would have the great honor of being able to touch hands with yourself or your sifu. I don't find too many experienced practitioners here in Texas.

    Keep training hard.

  6. Thank you for your compliments! By all means stop by our school and chi sao or talk, it would be an honor!

  7. Hi philip this movie was done well what is the dummy form sifu russ is doing when you met him in the movie? I would like to learn that form.

  8. Hello James, at around 4 minutes in he is practicing the traditional Ip Man wing chun wooden dummy form with the shots blending parts from the first and fifth sections. Do you have a Sifu?

  9. yes i do in a mix style called kajukenbo wing chun is part of our style kajukenbo mixes tang su do, judo, ju jitsu, kenpo, chinese boxing and a few other but i work on my wing chun with this movie playing i also have a dummy and ive been in this for 4 years. It also make my style better.

  10. I have been learning by myself for awhile now but I have found a partner to do hand drills with but wish I had someone with real knowledge of proper form

  11. Chivalry is not dead aslong as I live. The only reason that anyone would be bereft of the true standardsfor living is if they have ignored, lost, or forgotten the words of their fathers. Ip Man said that if you cannot train without injuring your partner then that is your great shame. And I quote.

  12. You only train to kill if you train to kill. Driver's Ed trains you to drive, not the way of knowing how to kill and yet not killing. Wing Chun is not the way of killing, and not for most of us.

  13. Then you picked the wrong youtube videos and need to keep searching. A couple youtube videos are not a full representation of Wing Chun anyway.

  14. You were on SkemeKos video.
    That guy has a serious issue about Wing Chun, I don't know if he tried Wing Chun and failed, or if he was easily defeated by a WC practitioner.
    The only thing I know is he took every bad WC fight, compiled them and did that video in order to express his hate and to troll every Wing Chun Fighter who comments there.
    Here's the opposite video: watch?v=lgwzfmIfAHU

  15. Dis Overall A Great Short Film!!! The editing is pretty damn good! Did you guys use More than One Camera? And the wing Chung in this is amazing! I Take Tang sudo witch is a Korean martial art the mixes Ju-jitsu, Takewondo, and Karate…..but I also practice other martial Arts Like Muay Thai, Keysi! Kempo Karate, And Boxeing…but when I came to find wing chun I was blown away…and all the people who deny its power and speed, are just to blind to admit that wing chun is the ultimate Kung-Fu!

  16. i like it, but some scenes may come across gay. I thought the the sifu might had sexually assulted his students until his story became clear. I thought the best friends were lovers and I thought they were about to kiss and make up like the fighting scene in Bruno.

  17. Thanks for critique! That is an interesting new perspective to examine, I hadn't thought about it like that before. I can see where you could draw those conclusions, as we all know, a close friendship is extremely powerful, and can only be rivaled by the bond of sexual intimacy. Thank you for watching!

  18. I have to agree, I love wing chun! You have a lot of experience, impressive! We only used one unit while shooting this film but I plan on implementing two in future projects. Thank you for the support and critique my friend.

  19. What a great video, I hadn't seen it, thank you for sharing. I like the one on the track. Great use of the centerline.

  20. Glad you liked it.
    I'm just showing both sides of the coin, eliminating biased information, one person at the time.

  21. Brilliant made my day watching this life the morals coming out of this. From one practitioner to another i salute you all and oh pay my respect with a clenched fist and an open palm

  22. Uh-oh.
    At 4:42~
    a photo of BL on the wall.
    That's the kiss of death b/c the teacher is hoping to use BL as an appeal to authority.
    BL was a fine athlete, sure, but he has no place in any serious WC context since he is an apostate of the system.

  23. Great film guy. Well done mate. But your move is slightly different to what i have studied from Wingchun in Vietnam.

  24. Very good video. I wonder sometimes if I will end up forgetting what it is I really want to get from martial arts if I ever practiced any. I don't at the moment, but I've always wanted to. But it really is about your initial intentions. If they aren't pure and correct then your training won't lead you down a good path. If they are then you will blossom, not just as a martial artist, but as a human being as well. That's what martial arts should be about. It' not about revenge, or power, or achievement. It's about understanding yourself better and learning to better respect and have compassion for your fellow man. Like Sifu Cichon said, it is what you make it.

  25. Awesome flick! We'll done. I'm a Wing Chun practitioner and a music producer as well. Also done some sound to film. The score was f'n great. Nothing outta place, clean, moved with the emotion of the film. Good choreography. A few camera angles seemed off, but that shit is hard. You and your crew did a phenomenal job. Good to see good Wing Chun making waves. Like.

  26. hong mi hua huo huo ih xue hai hua meng zhi je hong tai dji xing zhi hong yin zhao xing yan hua hai hua hai chao zai wo bu fei qian zhe li mi she zai ja hai hai hua

  27. To each his/her own.. If it (it can be anything) ..if it resonates with you then its right for you. So if I express an opinion for or against a martial art or self-defense system it's simply my opinion and does not mean anyone else should take my opinion for his or her own. Wing Chun (TexasWingChun.com Dr. Scott Mullen) We can show you guy's practical applications of WIng Chun Kung Fu… Lack of understanding of the WIng Chun Kung Fu 'techniques' is why people make adverse comments on Wing Chun Kung Fu. Kung Fu takes time, no-ego, a high level of sensitivity to improve. You will not likely see none-sport martial arts like Wing Chun on videos because of the base three attacks: eyes, throat, groin, biting. Judo/ Yudo/ Jiu Jitsu/ Shuai Chiao/ Jeet Kun Do/ they don't have base three attacks that Wing Chun has as part of the method/system ..it's not an option to teach.. it is part of the system. 
    Street Fighting is the closet thing to a true seasoned Wing Chun fighter who actually fights ..leaves bruises and gets bruised. You gotta talk to real fighters (not sport) to get real Wing Chun. But all in all WIng Chun is everything. If you are fighting then you are doing Wing Chun. Dr. Scott Mullen TexasWingChun.com 

  28. Great movie on wing chun. What type of silat was the other guy using? I am a huge fan of both martial arts and I haven't seen that style before.

  29. Maybe I'm missing something here or maybe I'm the only one who sees this…but the fight scenes were clearly sped up to reflect the speed of the martial art which is fine by me…if you know how to blend that in perfectly to make it appear natural. I guess that was wing chun…I didn't even watch 5 minutes of it before I got bored with the fight scenes and story line…however, I will say it was phenomenal in comparison to how I could make a video. I doubt I would be able to do a better job. So good job and don't give up…seriously…because even though this video wasn't good enough for me to watch I believe you have potential and who knows maybe I'll see everyone's/someone's work on the big screen one day. Props to you all.

  30. i really enjoyed watching this, great work!! i also do music composition, video editing and practice Wing Chung, though in the last one i'm a beginner still 🙂 . I just wanted to say that you have great skills in all three of them and this video shows it. Keep up the good work, and congratulations once again!! 

  31. Wow, this was definitely not a waste of my time. Anyone reading this, I suggest you watch the whole thing. I give mad props for all of the video Philip, inspiring and entertaining. You should make a sequel. Possibly a lot more.

  32. Awesome fan film! I love watching cheesy kung fu movies especially when there is wing chun involved!!! Thank you for the smiles this evening. Also always interesting for me seeing different peoples interpretations of the style… Keep up the good work on all fronts, the theory of wing chun has no limit in it's application

  33. "The way it all comes together, there's something personal about it, quiet reflective" Film is legend, never take it down.

  34. Dope short bro! Your Sifu seems like a cool dude. I love the "accept what comes." Touched me actually. Your Sifus words and yours have inspired me in my training. 👊🏻

  35. love the vid man i just barely started on wing chun and been practicing only problem is there is no wing chun class where i live so i learn on Youtube if u can plz look at my vid on my page and give any advice or input?

  36. brilliant film! really spoke to me. great message!
    well done!

    the only crtisism i have is a little too much backround music but everything else was top notch!!

  37. this was a really great film. the message in it also hit me pretty hard, especially when your character talks about feeling as though he lost himself, which is something that i am very familiar with. this struck home because when I started learning martial arts (muay thai and Brazilian jiu jitsu) I had recently lost my grandfather who was my childhood hero and the man I was named after died. then less than a week later my grandfather on my mothers side who was the man that raised me had a stroke. finally less than a week after that the woman I loved left me for another man. i was a lost and broken man by the time i finally stumbled into the dojo. immediately i fell in love with martial arts and training helped me cope with everything, that and the bond i formed with my instructors of course. i apologize for how long this comment turned out to be but i felt as though i couldn't adequately tell you how much i loved this film without explaining why. this was a very beautiful film and thank you for making it.

  38. I remember seeing this film and now I'm rewatching. Great film! inspired me to become not only a better martial artist but a better person too. Thanks Phil! I just went through some rough times, but this film taught me to accept what comes! 🙂

  39. Remembering that time you were asked by the sifu, "Why do you want to learn wing chun?" and wanting to answer "Who would not want to learn wing chun?"

    Eyes darting around the room in an attempt to copy other students' Sil Lum Tao moves.

  40. You have to be a really really close friend or lover to have a positive comment on this, from acting skills, matial art skills and cinematography skills standpoints

  41. Well done Phil and the gang! Entertaining and deep on a surreal level. I laughed when he flipped his sweater on you!

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