26 thoughts on “Woman Killed Attempting Home Invasion Robbery of Ex-Boyfriend

  1. Whoa! That's gotta bite to have an X like that. He's lucky to have survived. Glad the PD is not pressing charges to victim. Though its sad all around. Dang

  2. Be careful who you call your
    Friends they Turn on
    Friends become frenemies
    soon to be your enemy
    "Trust no one"

  3. The use of the word "murder" was calculated. It was meant to invalidate the use of a gun in self-defense inside the man's home.

  4. In California we don't have good self defense laws that's why hes gonna get charged with murder, Unfortunately

  5. Another reason for men to go their own way. Women will turn on men and try to hurt them in any way that they can just because they can get away with it. Save your life and go mgtow.

  6. This is NOT a murder. Murder is possessing criminal intent to kill. This is self defense with a firearm. Huge difference.

  7. Everyone commenting negative shit on here. I bet they would do the same thing dude did to protect himself. Women who do shit like this keep other women held back. She got what she deserved according to her actions.

  8. for everyone thinkin it aint murder, it is. "Felony murder". the man who was helping his psycho girl get some 20$ bullshit clothes back will be charged for being implicated in her death under the law. he had a gun and they were the aggressors, so the girl, the way i understand the law was murdered, and her new boyfriend was responsible lol. once he gets slapped with a armed robery offense he will be double slapped with a felony murder offense and spend 5x as long in the slammer. god bless america.

  9. Also, this being the first "murder" in Dublin since 2009, as reported, and the police so quick to support the man who "murdered" the woman, is suspicious, to say the least. Dublin is not a big city, but it's big enough, doesn't seem likely this is the first in 11 years?

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