100 thoughts on “Woman shot, killed by Fort Worth police in her home

  1. Why didn't the neighbor go check on her; why call the police?? I hate to say it; Black people STOP calling the police..

  2. They are the offspring of INBREEDING with low IQs , they dont know any better.The mistake happened when the land allowed them out of the cave..

  3. This officer needs be held accountable. I back the blue all day but he seriously messed up in a very tragic way.

  4. Black people, please stop using 911 to send the cops to your neighborhood!! Just use it for medical emergencies or environmental disasters like fires, weather, etc….If there is a burglar in your house, HANDLE IT YOURSELF!! DO NOT CALL THE POLICE BECAUSE 9 TIMES OUT OF 10 THEY WILL SHOOT YOU TOO!!

  5. They're not releasing the cops name just yet, because they're too busy scrubbing his social media pages of RACIST posts and likes..

  6. Thanks GUYGER Now we got people getting shot and killed in their own home now. I knew this would happen. She started this BS now. Now we have to be armed in our own homes🤨

  7. Support her GoFundMe here 📌 Fundraiser by Lee Merritt : Justice For Atatiana Jefferson https://www.gofundme.com/f/1s5tcouu9c

  8. These White Supremacist Devil's shooting every chance they get when the person on the other side of the gun has Black skin .

  9. Ahhh, These dam new rookie cops are scared of every dam thing. He was on the force for a year. If you're scared then don't be a police officer.

  10. Looks like they performed their duty severely incorrectly. The dispatchers have to ask the correct questions and relay properly.
    This is from encyclopedia.com
    When police perform a welfare check, they will usually knock and wait for your acquaintance to respond before attempting to enter their home. If they don’t receive a response, it is legal for them to enter. This is especially useful in cases where a person may be unable to respond. The police can offer aid to your acquaintance if it is required.

  11. Like the Corona CA Costco shooting , its hard to understand how police get paid Time Off for making a 'mistake'. (big mistake). In most peoples jobs they are temporarily laid off or fired.

  12. I came here for the white people comments i just want to see how they will twist this one and say what she should've done

  13. That poor woman never had a chance , and what if it was her eight-year-old nephew who had been at the window ? Terrible for this woman , and what becomes of this poor , traumatized 8 year old now that his caretaker is gone ? Wow , so tragic .
    Why did that officer not give her a chance to respond.. he shot while he was still giving commands .

  14. We wrestle not against flesh & blood but against principalities, against powers, against the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places AND THEIR JOB is to paint the children of the kingdom as animals.

  15. Every time I post a message for my melanated people it gets removed but I have a trick for these racist suppressing Mfz

  16. He fired within 3 f'n seconds of asking for her to put her hands up💀🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 on a f'n welfare check?! I gotta go check on this 💩. This s….cannot be allowed to go on.

  17. One of these beasts in clown costume murdered a young man in his own Apartment not long ago…Now another beast has murdered a young woman in her own home…..When is enough going to be enough?? …They are quick to pass laws everyday trying to disarm the general public but nothing is mentioned about these trigger happy beasts right?….Imagine the people being disarmed with "Red flag" laws little by little and these beasts being the only entities allowed to have arms….


  19. I live in Miami, and a few days ago, I was just stopped "on foot", only 100 feet from my front door. The cop just yelled something out at me. He didn't even identify himself as a police officer, so I initially ignored his yelling until he got closer to me. When I turned to face him, he had a flashlight and a gun pointed right at me. He then yelled: "Show me your hands!" and he asked me if I had any ID on me. I was honestly afraid to pull my wallet out of my pocket, but thankfully, he let me show him my ID. He told me that he was looking for a "white male" who was walking through different yards, looking into windows. I was "let go" after this cop and his partner verified that I lived very close to where I was walking, but the incident was very jarring. I can't even walk in my own neighborhood at night without some "hyper-vigilant cop" stopping me with his gun drawn.

  20. Why didn't he announce himself and knock on the door rather than creep around like a peeping Tom? I cannot believe he just shot her without warning. It's so wrong!!!!

  21. The police were supposed to check if she was ok but he did the opposite. The officer should be in jail he shouldn't be on leave

  22. What if there had been a "situation" in this home and the person the cop saw in the window was a hostage? Fire anyway because you're a scared cop?

  23. If anyone else did this, they’d either be killed or manhandled in arrest and thrown in jail without bail. A cop does it, and he gets a paid vacation while his fellow cops form a defense to protect and hide their murdering boy in blue.

  24. Black people please wake up ,we are dealing with a serious problem , we need to stand for right and respect , instead of killing each other we need to stick together and fight for what's right do it for each other and the black generation. I call on all black brothers and sisters we need to wake up

  25. So this man shot through the window ? I thought he shot her inside the house . Smfh that’s crazy
    The officer was definitely wrong . They need to release the name of the officer the victim’s name is out there we need to know who this killer is

  26. These cops are cowards and racist pigs that fear anything black….Where’s the presidential candidates on these matters…not a sound 😡

  27. So the cop went rogue by not arriving with lights flashing, not announcing their presence, nor knocking on the front door. Prayers to the family and her young nephew.

  28. I support cutting that guy's hands and capping the knees of every officer in the vicinity. Their chief police officer needs to have his eyes gouged, then sent to repair roads in Alaska, by hand.
    Because this is the only logical balance in this illogical situation. Watch as the cops get away with it…

  29. In 2006 the FBI released a report that white supremacist has infiltrated law enforcement.We are now witnessing the work of that group trying to start a Race War.If nothing is done to stop them, they will not stop til they achieve there goal.

  30. How do the police walk past the home open front door and don't announce their presence but instead walk the side of the home and give verbal commands to a closed window and why their body camera showing the location of the firearm they found inside of the home but was released in their Press Release to imply that the young lady had it in her position at the time of the shooting causing the police officer who shot her to be fear of his safety?

  31. Do not call the police. If you do. Some innocent person will die. Guarantee. Cops are scared, they only know one thing shoot first.

  32. They should restructure the training program they have in place such as the psych test and ask questions pertaining to gun control, how they would react to certain MODERN DAY scenarios and also maybe on certain rank or veteran cops should have guns and newer inexperienced cops should just have tasers .

  33. i am Moroccan. let me tell you somthing I noticed after seeing hundreds of americman videos. the way you build the houses in the US contributes alot in crimes and shootings that happen in houses. here in my country there is no way a police officer can see through my window what's inside my house or can even aproach it before i know he's there. there is noway an intruder can break into a Moroccan house. I am talking here about a country where there are no guns at all eccept in armed forces' forts. I can't imagine myself sleeping in an american house with few facade walls and lots of large glass doors and windows, and with fences only kids can jump over!

  34. I am so sorry for your most precious loss, justice against this police officer must come swiftly, just as swiftly as he shot your loved one.

  35. So so sad.
    But he'll probably get a raise, promoted, back pay, a bonus and an atta boy.
    Lets face it folks, dont matter how you dress it or spin it, a minority persons life is not worth investigating, Before we know it, shes gonna be armed with an assault weapon, have drugs in the house, holding hostages and was a wanted person
    Like i said this is sad, very sad but it wont be the last.

  36. sad, the cop is incompetence to perform his duty: he shot, right after he immediately asked the question. He doesn't allow the person answer his question 🙁

  37. he should have been arrested right away , NOT paid vacation.
    laws need to be changed asap, so pigs are hanged in public for their crimes.

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