– And I get to decide what I do and I get to decide to say no to things. It’s taken a long time
to get to that point, but part of it has to do
with how I’ve managed my time while working from home. I’m trying to be efficient and somebody was a little bit too antsy. ♪ Vlog like a boss ♪ ♪ Vlog like a boss, you ♪ ♪ Vlog like a boss ♪ ♪ Vlog like a boss, you ♪ ♪ Vlog like a boss, ♪ ♪ Vlog like a boss, you ♪ ♪ You can vlog like me
too ’cause it’s easy ♪ (soft music) Good morning, good life, everybody. I’m leveraging the fact
that my lights are on and so are my lashes. Okay. I just got done filming a video, you’ve probably seen it. If you haven’t, make sure you go watch it. And I just thought it
was a vloggy type of day. Why, because it’s snowing outside. What else is there to do? The other thing I wanted
to talk about in this video is the fact that I work from home and that’s something that I’ve
kind of had to have master over a number of years, nearly 10 I think, almost 10, almost 10 at this point. And so a lot of people have
been asking me about that and there have been so many things that I wish I knew before
I started working from home that would’ve really
helped a long time ago. This is part of the reason
why I’ve kind of nerded out about productivity, and
efficiency, and calendar blocking, and all this kind of stuff over the years because I’m in complete control of my life and my calendar, and I
get to decide what I do, and I get to decide to say no to things. It’s taken a long time
to get to that point, but part of it has to do
with how I’ve managed my time while working from home. So I want to share five things
that I wish I would’ve known before I started this whole
work-from-home venture and we’ll get to that at some point. But first, let me show
you one thing I had to do. So while I was filming, Lucy was not interested in chilling out, so this is where Lucy goes
when we are not at home or if Mommy is getting impatient when she’s trying to get work done. I’m trying to batch my time, I’m trying to be efficient, and somebody was a little bit too antsy. So we’ll let her out. These are for her spite pees. She likes to spite pee
when she’s not happy with the fact that I’ve put her in here. Sorry for this site,
but I’m just being real. This room is such a mess,
but before we have a chat, I wanted to share that I got a package. And this actually has a lot to do with my work from home motivations. So let’s dive in. (plastic crinkling) Okay so, this is a shipment from Fabletics. And I think I mentioned
this to you guys before how much I love their workout gear. And so I’m gonna do a
quick try-on because, oh my gosh, I have so much
here and I cannot wait. (“Hands on Your Body” by Basixx) It feels so good to have new
options in my workout wardrobe. Just so you know these
leggings are two for 24. Link’s in the Description
but I’m gonna tell you more about why these matter to
me so much in just a second. Whoo, okay I’ve really
been looking to that, glad that’s done. She finally chilling back there? Luc, are you finally relaxed. Definitely the first thing
that I wish I would have known before I started working from home was how much every single
thing can be a distraction. I love Lucy so much, I love
her so much, but the thing is she is very high
maintenance, like her mother. She always needs my attention
for something so it’s like, going to the bathroom, eating, and then she’s like barking
for various reasons, and sometimes when she walks
around the house and I hear her tapping, and tapping,
and tapping, a tapping, that’s a distraction. And I’m just like, can you just lay down, can you just lay down,
can you just lay down? And she’s a dog. Think about like you phone,
and people who live with you, or the mail comes, and that’s
always really exciting. We drop everything for the mail. It’s so easy to get distracted
and so if I had to go back and really prep myself a lot better I probably would have read a
book about working from home, or try to look to
somebody to give me advice on how to do it well because
I would’ve liked to know, okay, you need to prepare yourself for these types of things. Part of the reason this
is such a struggle for me is that I can’t often usually just like leave the house for no reason. And when I say no reason I mean a reason that would be lovely to me. If I have to go meet someone for coffee, if I have to go to a meeting, if I have to go to —
and meet with the team, if I have to go do these
things these are all time periods I have to be away from Lucy, and with Lucy being a little bit older and just a lot more to
take care of these days, just leaving the house
for a couple of hours is a bigger decision for me. So I can’t just go to a coffee shop and just like start
working on a blog post. I don’t feel good about it,
I feel guilty, I’m thinking, is Lucy okay, does she
have anxiety right now, is she peeing in my house? That’s annoying to think
about and I’m distracted there instead of getting away
from the distraction. There’s a number of things
that I do in this case, it’s usually if Vin’s taking
a day to work from home, then I will leave and do
something someplace else. I’ll have Lucy go to the groomer and I’ll go work out of a
coffee shop at that point. So just the number of
distractions is a big deal. The next thing I wish I would have known was that working out in the morning is still a very good idea
even if you work from home, please do it, just take
my advice and do it. One of the hardest things
for me is getting motivated to go to the gym, and I go through waves. Right now I’m motivated to go every day, I’m working with a
trainer, there’s a plan, and because there’s a plan
and there’s accountability, I’m there, like I’m totally in. But the other thing is that if
you genuinely feel like crap or you feel you look like
crap when you go to the gym it’s often not going to help
you get your butt there. I’ve always felt the
dress for success model and I feel for me to dress for success in a corporate situation or dress for success in a
video situation is the same as dress for success at the gym. If I want to work out my
hardest, feel my best, then I wanna feel good
in what I’m wearing. So that’s why I wanted to
tell you about Fabletics and I will tell you more about them later ’cause they’re offering
an amazing special. But I’m telling you, I
have never seen my butt look so good, ever. I think I told you this before, I always think a celebrity
brand is gonna be terrible. I always think, oh great,
they slap their name on some terrible thing and
everyone’s just hyping about it because it’s a celebrity thing, but it’s not gonna be that good. I have never work leggings I love so much. I’ve tried the other brands, I’ve tried a lot of really
expensive yoga clothing, and they still sometimes cut
me off in the mid-center here, so it looks like my butt isn’t as cute and it certainly doesn’t
make what’s going on in the middle look any better, okay? So dress for success and
putting it on the calendar, blocking out that time, I feel
much more intentional going, especially in a work-at-home environment. Even this morning, I was thinking like, well I don’t have to go at 7:30. I could go at 7:30 ’cause I go at 7:30, but I’m not gonna go,
maybe today I go at 8:30. And then it turns out like yesterday when I didn’t go to the gym until 5:00 pm and that was because me and
Vin looked at each other and we were like, what have we done, we should’ve gone this morning. We didn’t, we could have, and we didn’t. We are in situations where
we can go whenever we want and that is both amazing, and dangerous. Very dangerous. So having your gym outfit ready just like you would have
any other outfit ready and going at that time in the
morning that is right for you, whether it means you have to
wake up at an ungodly hour because you have to be
somewhere else to clock in, or you just get to decide, like a work-at-home situation
like me, go in the morning, just get it over with,
you’ll be so much happier when you’re checking out
of work in your home office and then you’re walking around the corner to your living room to watch
a little bit of Housewives. Oh, I went to the gym and
I can have this champagne and Atlanta episode, mm-hmm. Another thing I wish I would have known, and I have dealt with
this in so many ways, working from home I’ve
always had someone else that lived in my space while I was there. So, with Vin, of course,
here in this house, and then I lived with my
parents while I was waiting to move to this building at one
point before we got engaged. And so it’s funny how
when you work from home the people who are also in
that area but home is home, like home is only home to them,
it’s not necessarily work, they will not even intentionally, but they will make you feel
as though you are out of place rather than you getting work
done, or you being productive. I don’t think people mean to
do this, I just mean like, hey you want something to eat? Hey, you ready to watch this? Hey, you wanna go to
dinner with so and so? And it’s like, it’s
still a work day for me. How do I tell you gently that
I ain’t got no time for that. That is something that
I never really grasped and I wish I would have
because it can become a point of contention in addition to any other points of contention that you would have with
people in your relationships. It’s clarifying I need boundaries here because for me to be the most efficient. So really communicating that, finding out how to best communicate that to different people, depending on what their work life situation is, and also how they pick up
information and get it, like really get it. I wish I would have done
a better job of that at the very beginning because
I just think it caused issues where they didn’t need to be. And then you’re making yourself feel bad for trying to be better, or for trying to hustle at what you want. Another thing I wish I would have known about working from home was
just how much of a sand trap wearing yoga pants all day is. Ah, this just feels amazing,
especially being somebody who makes video for a living from home. When somebody’s like, oh,
we’re gonna get on a Zoom call, we’re gonna get on Skype,
and it’s just like, okay, great, audio or video, because today may not
be a video kind of day, you get my drift? Finally in 2019 we’ve come
to an acceptable situation where it’s like a woman can tell a man, “We’re audio only, correct?” And that could also pertain to men too in a situation of, I’m not in
a visually appropriate area. Maybe I’m in a Starbucks, or
maybe my office is dimly lit, or it’s also my bedroom and doing business out of your bedroom is kind of mortifying. Trust me, I know, we had to do that when we were in the one-bedroom apartment. Vin would have to take calls
sometimes in the bedroom and I was embarrassed for
him, I don’t think he cared. But you don’t wanna get on Skype and have a bed in the background, like that’s not professional. So I think I never realized
that was gonna be something that I had to think about every day, I have to think about it every day. I think about, okay if
I move my office around, where’s my webcam gonna be facing? Is it gonna look good? My assistant has to
specifically mark appointments on my calendar that say, “You’re on camera for this interview,” and it’s just like, oh gosh. I don’t know if that’s relatable to you but that is something I
wish I would have known. And I think the last thing
I wish I would’ve known, which may be something you
experience at some point, it kind of falls into that judgemental box that I was talking about. When you surround yourself
with incredible people, high achievers, which I
have tried very hard to do, which happens both from networking and from just doing excellent work, working from home to
certain high achievers can look like amateur to them. And I think I wish I would
have known that sooner, not because I would’ve been different, but because I would’ve
emotionally prepared for that a little bit because
when you surround yourself with incredible people, they
sometimes get to a point where they’re like, you
should be doing this, you should be doing this,
you should be doing this, and I hate the word should and
anyone who says should to me I basically turn them off no
matter how much I respect them. My husband thinks it’s just
him, it’s not just him. Anyone that says the phrase,
“You should do this,” I’m must like, “Tell me, have
you ever been in my shoes? Why should I do that?” I specifically built the life I want to be so that I can work from
home, I enjoy this very much. I know the value of being able to leave and getting more done efficiently
in certain environments. Trust me, I get that, ’cause
I have my obstacles here. But I don’t think it’s fair
for somebody to be like, well if you were legit at this point you would have an office, or you would get into a fancy
car and drive somewhere, or you would just take the
train and go into the city, or you would live in New
York, that’s a big one. Why don’t you live in New York and LA? Why do you work from home? Why are you in Ohio? Like they all kind of go together and it’s just sort of
like, it’s my business, it’s my business, it’s not yours. Why is this bothering you? I don’t understand. At no point in time, at no point in time have I ever said to somebody,
“Uh, you know what sucks? I am really not productive
at home, and also, I can’t get connected
with anyone important because I live in the Midwest.” Never have I said that, I never
complain about these things. I maybe complain to Lucy a little bit when she’s got more
energy than I would like at certain points of the day, but I do not complain about where I live. I love where I live. I try really hard to
advocate for where I live. But other people decide that’s not right. I love working from home. There are obstacles
with working from home, just like there are in an
office with other people. I find that they are easier here, ’cause I may be talking to a
brick wall which is also a dog, but that’s a little bit easier than free will in human
beings, I’m just sayin’. I really wish I would’ve known that there was gonna become a point
where I was successful enough that people were like, you
should go get an office, you should go back to your law firm days and put on black slacks and
a nice outfit every day, or at least get dressed to leave. I don’t want to, I don’t want to. Half the time I’m editing video because I enjoy the art form, and I love that I don’t
have to have anything but my skin on my face, and
my glasses, and a T-shirt on with leggings that make my butt look good just in case I see myself
in the mirror at some point. These are things you’re
gonna have to deal with. Judgements, and
distractions, and motivation, and doing the things that work for you. So that’s just been my experience, I’d love to hear from
you if you work from home or if you don’t, some of
the things you think about. Whether you do work from home and you’ve had some things
that you’ve struggled with, or if you don’t and you’re like, uh, what about this, or,
how do you deal with this, just leave those in the Comments below. Let’s talk more about this because man, in 2019 working from home is a thing, working remotely is a thing, it’s incredible to see where
we are in this internet age, and what we can do, and how we can really go after the life that we want
from the comfort of our pjs in an Ikea furniture-filled guest bedroom. Let’s check in with Lucy, shall we? Listen, if I’m going to tell you when it’s not working for me, I’m also going to tell you when it is. Lucy, thank you for sleeping through this little period of my vlog so that I could get my thoughts out. I appreciate it. And if it weren’t snowing
outside I would take you out. But you and I both know you hate that. P.S., I talked about this on my Instagram, this is my new meditation pillow. I’ve been meditating every morning for, I think, 12 mornings now? Oh my God, I lost track, that’s huge. And this helps me so much
with posture, I love it. Alright, that’s it for today. I’m off for some more content creation, which does not include
talking to the camera, so I need to go do that and I also need to take tags
off all my new Fabletics, I’m so excited about this. How cute, it’s like a midi and
I’m not a midi kind of girl but I am doing it because of Fabletics. Anyway, you have to go check them out. Big thank you to them for
sponsoring this episode of AmyTV and what they’re offering you in return is two pair of leggings for $24. I’m telling you right now that
is the most insane deal ever, it’s the reason that I started
ordering from them at all, and the reason I continue to is because I’m telling you, your butt
will never look this good. It’s incredible, I promise. At least try them out,
if you don’t like them, then it’s totally your prerogative, but two for 24 is a massive deal. So go and check out the
link in the Description so that you can get that special deal for being a friend of AmyTV. That’s all for today, thank
you so much for tuning in, I appreciate it as always. Make sure you subscribe for good vibes, kiss the ones you love, and remember go after the life you want whether you wanna work from home or not. Cheers.


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  44. Working from home for nearly 15 years, I completely feel you on each of your points. It led me to be a productivity geek and also led me to open my own coworking space. I’d love to invite you to visit the next time you’re thinking of working from a coffee shop. My offer is always open. Haven Collective isn’t too far away from downtown.

  45. My fav episode yet! Such truth about that work from home life. I too prescribe to the dress for success and that gets easier when you have a sweet little kiddo to take to school each morning! I'm sure if I didn't work from home I would miss out on that extra hour each day to spend with her and I value that above just about anything else in my day. Working from home is a blessing <3

  46. I have been working at home for about 10 years now. And as you said it has it's own pros and cons.
    I have two kids. Two boys, 7 and 2 years old. And now it is a hell, since younger one grown to that level on which he can ride on his car through all rooms, run with toy sword and making some sort of battle cry. Together kids create absolutely insane noise and it's really hard to focus on work.
    Now I'm considering to rent an office, where I can work without destructions, but there are another peoples and I don't really want to interact with them. Also commuting will eat a lot of my time, which I can spend on rest or quality time with family, plus rent is quite expensive. So I'm hesitating which option has more benefits.
    Anyway, thank you for interesting content, have been watching your channel for couple months and finally decided to comment on some topic 🙂

  47. Oh boy. Yeah, I work from home and I didn't get dressed today. Guess how productive I was. Yeah, not so much. Definitely a challenge. If I don't have to see a client on Zoom or in person, my get-up-and-go is harder to achieve.

  48. Honestly!! This is soooo RELATABLE!! I find it hard to find super productive people to surround myself with! Thank God I have my Fiancée who tells me to WORK! Even after a long day having a supportive person who knows/supports that i want big things is so freaking amazing!! How do you connect and network with some productive ppl!?

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  50. Absolutely hands down the best opportunity of 2019! You can't delay on this one to get in while it is still in prelaunch! Check it out here!

  51. My family used You Should, You Must and Why don't do you all the time to me ,, and I'm so used to it now it's not bothering me anymore.. I think what you need the most working from home is PATIENCE and Self-control so you don't murder anyone accidentally 😁

  52. I believe the majority of North America will be working from home within the next 20 years. Is it farfetched to think that?

  53. hi Landis. why you not motivate for 2 weeks in ohio. and one week in new York lecturing book. I will place my reservation 1 on 1 reading with you in NY. I want to know you and listen you lecturing. for me at work 1 on 1.😀 come over please.

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  55. It IS extremely annoying when people tell you what you should do when what you're doing suits you just fine.

  56. Simply enjoying your content! 🥰 I’ve been binge watching you the last few days on my treadmill lol, #inspiration gurl! I know you travel for events also…can you do a “ Hotel Habits” type guru post? I’m just starting a job where I’m in a hotel for 2 weeks solid ( Corp business dressing also!) and than home again for a week or two. I’ll be working hard and want to know if you have any travel/hotel tips/habits? Thankyou so much and your content is rocking! 🤩🤩🤩

  57. amazing!! thank u so much ! Would u PLEASE make a video about how u have found those things that u love doing – that can be translated to ur work today? like how do u actually find that "thing u want to go for" or the "new project" ? how did u understood what was that thing?! cause there is so many things u love doing, so how did u manage to focus it to you job today, since it's not a regular office work u get accepted u, u r the one defining it !

  58. Absolutely hands down the best opportunity of 2019! You can't delay on this one to get in while it is still in prelaunch! Check it out here!

  59. I am a single mom and I do work from home as I am also a nanny and just started my own blog. I have to move my “me time/blogging time” to 5am, nap time (around 12pm) and after 730pm so I can focus, but also living at my parents, I’m doing the dishes bc they’ll get stacked up in front of my coffee pot or vacuum bc the play area has a lot of crap tracked through it bc people don’t take off shoes at the door. I have a lot of distractions and I feel like it takes away from taking care of the kids or playing with them and my writing when they’re sleeping bc the work needs to get done.

  60. I am a freelance fashion designer and I work from home. I used to work in an office and I hated it :)))) but I also struggle with judgment. It's like "oh you don't have a real job" especially in middle east either you are a lawyer, doctor, some engineer or you are a loser in people eyes.
    p.s: when you work from home you can watch Amytv in your breaks which is amazingly motivational.

  61. I actually I don't like working at home. anyway I'm still a student, but in the near future I wouldn't work from home: that's I chose to become a chemist! I persoanlly think it's easier to work away from home because you get to separate the two spaces: the personal space from work and in my case it's more productive

  62. Having a community where you can ask questions & share your wins and struggles is also super important to a healthy & happy remote work life. Check out the GUAVABEAN Freelancer Group 👉

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  64. from 11:34 –14:16 ….THAAAANK GOD SOMEONE ELSE HAS SAID THESE THINGS OUT LOUD!!!!! I just started working from home for a branding company WHICH i managed to land a month before i actually graduated…..and……the judgement i got for essentially landing the dream job I WENTTTT TO. SCHOOL. FOR. And busted my ass to be good enough for…….somehow i felt judged for it. Ugh, i could go on a whole rant about this, but i wont because…."i dont want to <3 " thank you for this! I was looking for a video to make me feel better, and it did, but in an entirely different way than I was expecting. THANK YOU!!

  65. Yes! I love everything you mentioned in this video! I have lost jobs just because I live in the High Desert in California.
    I started working from home almost a year ago, and it's been good but I still have days were clients drop me just because I dont live in LA or Ny or FL to meet locally for meetings. its 2019! There is the internet and skype and facetime! thank you for the video. you are so inspirational.

  66. I have about forty reasons why I went from lawyer to working from home on my own business. NO ONE gets that at all. It's always good to have a little peace, to sleep at night, to take time for myself, to not have stomach problems.

  67. So glad I found your video. Today I resigned from the corporate world in “Big Law” to take a position with a small startup firm where I’ll be working from home. I’m super excited but also overwhelmed with fear. I’ll definitely need to watch more of your videos on calendar blocking and productivity. I agree that working out first thing in the morning will be the best. My plan is to drop off my kids at school and go straight to the gym and then home to begin working.

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