Your home + our planet = our home

Home Homes use water Homes use power Homes make waste There are many homes in the world Homes that need resources and people People with homes of their own Can the planet support this? Only if we change At IKEA we want everyday life to be better for everyone
A better life includes a more sustainable life. We’ve been working towards that goal for many years
now it’s time for us to take the next big step. Together we can make a
huge positive impact. by inspiring and enabling millions of people
to live a more sustainable life at home We will transform our entire range to make
all of our products more sustainable. We will develop more solutions that encourage
and enable as many people as possible to save and even produce energy, to
use less water and create less waste. We will also become energy and resource independent
by producing more clean energy than we use… …dramatically reducing carbon emissions, making our facilities
more energy efficient and helping our suppliers do the same. And for the people and communities where we work we will
help create a better life by supporting human rights… …and work hard to protect
the rights of children. These are just some of the commitments from the IKEA
sustainability direction we call “people and planet positive” It’s our promise and plan for the sustainable growth
of IKEA and our contribution to a better life at home

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