Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Glass Walkway Bridge | China Vlog_11

So they give you these shoes. Here. I have to put on I guess Israeli architect, Haim Dotan designed the bridge to carry 800 people at a time. However, when it opened in 2016, 80,000 people showed up every day. The police had to close the bridge due to the overwhelming amount of visitors There’s always Chinese tourists everywhere. Packed everywhere. The bridge is 430 metres long, 6 meters wide and 300m high above the cayon floor. There are 2 columns on each cliff side that supports the main cables which to eliminate the need for bulky beams. The bridge is made of steel and 120 glass panels, each one 3m by 4m wide. And they are 50mm thick consisting of 3 layers of tempered glass and film. I’m looking forward to going on the bridge by not looking forward to the 2-3 hour walk afterwards the bridge. But my driver is on the other side, so I have to do it now. It’s gonna be pretty scarey – Im going to shit the noodles I had this morning… OK I’m all set now… Lets go. Oh my god – thats high up, man. Guys working down there. I can’t walk on that. Ohh god. It’s friggin weird – I cant do that. Glass railing were avoided because of the wind loads, So a waving handrail was designed to create dynamic movement Just standing on the edge of the … bridge, I’m nervous little than… Oh my god! (horror music) The concept was to create an experience of being in pure nature while suspended in mid-air, between heaven and earth like a butterfly with its wings open wide. Wish me luck… Lets go. Oh my god Oh shit Shit Shit Don’t look down, don’t look down Shit (laughs) Oh my god. Fffff Shit Shit Err shit Shit There’s also provision for a bungee jump underneath Which is the highest bungee on the planet (horror music) Yes- I’ve checked this – Its a lot higher than the one in South Africa or New Zealand Oh my god Shit Shit Oh my god oh shit Oh thats enough I think I nearly did…. eeerr (laughs) Oh god I don’t like that at all. Thats enough. Looks like thats the walk I have to do. Looks like I got a long walk down Gets easier but I still cant look down. Friggin hell That was an experience, I’ll tell you that. Fff

10 thoughts on “Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Glass Walkway Bridge | China Vlog_11

  1. I kept seeing this on the tv like people are walking and screaming! But the views are amazing Russ 👍🏼 I don’t mind heights at all I will probably enjoy that! But I’ll pass the bungee jumping 😂👍🏼🤣

  2. I cant handle the wide shots of the whole bridge lol this looks nerve wrecking – I love that they give you the little foot covers

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